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I like the PlantCam! I could use one to watch the caterpillars decimate some parsley, but the video would only take about 30 seconds!

For big box unidentified parrots, I'll take them! Plantcam request: have you any ferns unfurling later in the spring? Love to see something like that!

Beautiful tulips, Elizabeth! Ooh, I can't wait for this stupid snow to go away so that I can set my PlantCam up in the garden!

What cat? I watched it 4 times looking for the cat and never saw it. But the plants look good.

Your initial post on the PlantCam inspired me to get the BirdCam 2.0, which is wonderful.

It's a new normal for us here in CT too. I wore a light sweater over a tank top, jeans, and flats today without a jacket because sun and 40 degrees felt so good!

I have zero luck forcing bulbs. I've tried and tried. I got one tulip this year ;o(

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