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Are you kidding me?

okay - confess - one of you garden rant ladies is her ghost writer, right?

Aren't you helping her write it?

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

I certainly hope she explains things very thoroughly in excruciating detail, crosses her i's and dots her t's for the gardeners in Chicago.

I think this is wonderful! Best news I've heard all day.

C'mon, Michelle--we'd love to hear from you! Not just your message (which is awesome), but stories of your experience setting up and maintaining the garden, and using the produce.

I don't think it is such a far fetched idea that Michelle Obama's team would present a post here on Garden Rant.
The Rant has a great reputation and has been supportive of the White House vegetable garden.
It would be a great public relations and marketing move.
The First Lady may not actually be the person writing the blog post, but it would come from her office, which would come with her approval.
Stay tuned y'all , we'll be watching for it.

I will definitely check out the book & I hope she (or her office) contributes to the Rant. That would be great.

I had a lot of fun writing spoof news stories about the early days of the White House garden, when it was a novelty. I'm delighted that it's become a settled institution and I applaud the First Lady's book. Bet she shows up on Rant!

Give me a break! We have a president who vows to bring the troops home then sends them Libya. THIS FIRST FAMILY ARE ONE TERM AFFIRMATIVE ACTION RESIDENTS OF THE WHITE HOUSE.

I actually feel sorry for Mrs. O. She married a dummy. The media however loves him

Let Hillary and Mrs. O run next time


I always wonder about each first lady's passion. Each one has a "thing" she promotes. Nancy R said no to drugs. Laura B. was literacy, which made sense, she was a school libraian at one time, I believe. I wonder if Michelle O. said I want gardening, or if the PR people said this is your thing, Michelle, it is an acceptable hot topic.

Tibs, Michelle Obama's passion is not simply "gardening" but also reducing obesity amongst children in the U.S. If more edible schoolyards pop up and kids take interest in growing food - maybe we can make a dent in the children's obesity/diabetes problem.

Wow, this is an all time low....Not sure that I've ever heard of a book written by a less qualified person....

Please, oh please ! I'd love to read the book ... but even more, I'd love to see Mrs O here on the Rant !

There's not necessarily a qualification for writing about your own experiences and she probably has experts helping her for any technical items. At least she's getting the word out. I bet if you ask directly, she (her team) would do a guest rant for publicity!

Hope to see her here. She is gardening! And, her husband is no dummy.

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