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Wow, all these great venues right in my 'hood.
The Conservatory of Flowers event sounds just way too cool to not attend !
And the talk in Marin sponsored by the Master Gardeners is so close to my house it would be embarrassing not to attend ( though I've never attended a Master Gardeners event so I'm already in the stupid embarrassment category )
Hope to see you Amy.

Really want to make the Wicked Plants opening, but doubt I'll be able to. At any rate, I'm going to catch your talks at the Sac Flower Show. For what it's worth, our weather here is supposed to be warm & clear for most of the next two weeks !

Excellent - will be certain to catch one of the appearances

I'm sorry I wasn't able to catch you at the SF F&G show. I first saw you, and bought your Wicked Plants book, at Mrs. Dalloway's in Berkeley. A friend was going and thought I might like to as well. I love the fact that you have a regular Rapaccini's Garden going at home.

I've never been to the Conservatory of Flowers, so this is a perfect occasion to go. I'm curious who I can get to come with me.

I really enjoyed reading Wicked Plants, and found myself nodding in agreement in several places. I got interested in plant poisons in high school chemistry, when I had to write a paper. I was going to write a different topic, but got nowhere with that reasearch. However, I kept finding references to plant poisons and had a lot more fun than I thought I would.

Amy, if you can, allow yourself some extra time to explore Filoli--it's a wonderful place to wander!

Are you still in Rochester? If you're still here - or ever back again - you simply MUST take a tour of the rare and unusual conifer arboretum (with terraced stone walls and a secrert grotto!) created by former American Conifer Society President Gerald Kral (on North Winton Road in Rochester. Call me at (585) 737-4240 if you'd like directions and an introduction. He also has a green roof and bought the property next door full of his latest project - tabletop rock gardens made of monolithic slabs of stone.

Sorry - also forgot to mention that just south of Rochester in Avon, NY is Worm Power (Harris Seeds, also based in Rochester, NY is now selling the facility's organic vermicomposting product.) More info at and!

Wish I could be there for the opening of Wicked Plants but I will see it on May 4 when I'll be at the Conservatory for my own talk on Mischief and Mayhem in the Garden - from the garden of Eden to Pushing Up Daisies, the first novel in my Dirty Business mystery series.
Way to go, Amy!

Always good to come across a really thoughtful site,LIKE YOUR BLOG. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

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