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Thanks Amy - great post! I do often wish I could throw my computer into the street. When I worked for the N.O. City Council, a woman called to complain about a chicken problem. It was one of my most favorite constituent complaints. She said that her neighbor was not maintaining the banana trees between the street and the sidewalk and chickens were living in the trees.

There is a piece of literary trivia I had no idea about! I find it strangely inspirational to know this about the background of Robert Frost's writing career. I have always appreciated his poems.

Thanks for the post... however I'm not sure about the two edged hope that some people abandon their computers.

Have read Frost's poetry aloud to my kids for years. I love it for the rural, agrarian scenery (along with scent & sound & sensation) it calls to mind. Wonder if his prose is the same. I will definitely have to find out.

I love the idea of Robert Frost's being rejected by Farm-Poultry magazine! It takes a lot of persistence to be a writer.

wow, very cool. i'm headed to amazon now...

Robert Frost is one of my favorite poets, and yet like others, I'd no idea about his chicken prose--thanks for this post!

On this cold, wet morning, this farmer is kinda glad to be in front of her computer :) But usually glad to have the option to work outside, too. Gardening seems to be the best of both worlds!

I had no idea Robert Frost used to be a chicken farmer! How curious. I think I'd love to read his chicken prose- always wanted to keep a few birds in my own backyard (but it's against the law here).

The sun is shining the birds are singing love songs. Time on the computer today will be kept to a minimum but the window is open for now.
Frost as chicken man,seems writers will write whatever else they may do with their time on earth. And it all becomes fodder to the tale,Amy being a prime example.

I am so happy right now. Everyone is posting such great stuff today and your link has lifted my rather glum winter mood. Thank you!!!

Thank you for this wonderful story about Robert Frost's early writing life and his day job as a chicken farmer. This is just charming to contemplate and there's the who-knew factor!

Well, thanks! That was an inspiring and informative post... what would we do without you Garden Rant?

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