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woohoo! Thanks for the love. I was worried that Garden Rant was turning against landscape architects when the review of the Ogdens' book reduced us to 'those “well-dressed professionals” who put buildings first and plants last.'

There's a lot of diversity among LA's and most of us are gardeners, even though we may not be able to wear it on our sleeves in our workplaces.

If the above link to LAM is overloaded or unavailable, I have posted it on my blog as well under the heading "Landscape Architecture month" See it at:

Sorry! the link to the magazine in the above comment should be:

I have occasionally run into this book and it has made for fascinating reading. And thank you Jeff z for the good link.

I am an architect during the week, and a gardener on the weekend. The magazine is intruiging to me, as it seems to combine both of those passions. I am always a little disappointed in the 'design' content in regular gardening magazines. I'll have to track this one down. Thanks for the post!

Thanks for the link. I just read it cover to cover and may have to subscribe. Fiinally something that has design, plants and planning.

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