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Hmm. Perhaps it is time to require all people running for political office have some hands on experience in the garden or in small scale farming.

George Washington fought a new kind of war & formed a new kind of country. Yet, he hired a garden designer.

George had the Pleasure Garden, Martha had the food production.

John Adams & Thomas Jefferson, in Europe for American foreign relations work, spent 2 weeks in England together.


That's the book I want. Those 2 men, those 2 weeks.

And, a book about Abigail Adams. She ran the farm. Without her they would have bankrupted.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

Great post - makes me want to read the book!

I'm looking forward to this! What's better than a book that combines two of my greatest interests: gardening AND history!

Tradescant the Younger, as well, was fascinated by the potential of American species in England - he brought so many things commonly found in England back with him from Virginia. Such a fascinating topic!

Very interesting sounding book! I'm adding it to my list.

I enjoyed "The Brother Gardeners" a lot. Would love to win this one! It is always interesting to view historical persons through a particular lens, because you usually learn new things about them.

Me, too! I loved Brother Gardeners. Put me on the list!

This reminds me of when we took our niece to Monticello and saw the structure of Jefferson's gardens. His scientific approach was unique, although I got hte sense he didn't really get his hands dirty. Others carried out the work.

What a wonderful perspective on our warrior philosophers -- I'd love to read this!

The grounds at Mount Vernon and Monticello are of course famous, but I didn't know about Adams and Madison ... this is going on my to-read list, whether I win it here or not.

I live very close to Mt Vernon and have been inspired by its gardens. I'd love to read more about the history behind them.

I will be putting the Brother Gardeners on my list to read as well. It sounds fascinating. I love those kinds of books.

We recently installed a demonstration rain garden at a library building in upstate NY that was built in 1876. I wanted the garden to reflect the era of the building which had just had its exterior restored. We found that english gardens were very much the influence at that time and tha'ts the style we used. Rain gardens can be any style as long as the plants are native and have the qualities that make them suitable for the drench and drought conditions.

Thank goodness someone finally decided to write this book and give it some attention. Others have written something similar before, but they're all moldering in stacks at the library. They never get any decent press. I hope Wulf's version is popular!

When you're watching the Masters, keep an eye out for vestiges of Fruitland Nursery, owned and operated by the Berckmans in the mid-1800s.

Living in Charlottesville, VA with family in Philadelphia, I have had the pleasure of visiting Bartram, MT. Vernon, Ashland and Monticello. I look forward to reading more about there beginnings.

I have nothing to say, but have been lucky before with randomness.

sounds like a great read!

The interview is fantastic. Now I must read the book!

History and gardening? My two favorite subjects!

I would LOVE to read this book as it combines two of my obsessions: gardening and history.

I would love to read this book! Growing up near Charlottesville, I always knew that Jefferson had beautiful gardens, but I had no idea about the others. I graduated from James Madison University AND got a degree in ecology and environmental science, so I just love that Madison has been termed the "forgotten father of American environmentalism". So cool!

What a lovely concept...I do so love the blending of history and gardening....I would love to read this one!

The first garden writing book I ever read, that began my now-lifelong obsession, was Bonnie Marranca's American Garden Writing, published in 1988. (I found the paperback in a used bookstore.) Same topic, with letters from Bartram and essays from many others, covering two hundred years of American gardening. It completely HOOKED me. I can't wait to read this one!

I really enjoyed the brother gardeners, I can't wait to read this one. Also the cover art on both books is wonderful.

Oh for a glimpse of the gardens and nature that fed the souls of our founding fathers. I'm inspired to read this one soon.

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