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Looks great! I think I need one of those t-shirts because I love the book.

The Conservatory of Flowers did an AMAZING job! That's such a great way to get people into plants, show them the fun and intrigue (and science, history, romance, etc.) Congratulations to all of you.


I already bought my temporary tattoos!! I am very excited.... I'll feel all bad-ass in the garden.

Oh! I am so getting some of those tats!

The tat is a must, just as a visit to the conservatory.
This is a wonderfully fun was to spend the day in the park.
So glad that they had fu with this idea and ran with it.

I can hardly wait until I can arrange time to get to this exhibit! I wonder if my son would be as interested in this exhibit as he would a visit to California Carnivores nursery...

The TV spot looked good.

If the Ts run small, I'm likely out of luck, as XXXL is seldom stocked in exhibit gift shops. As it is, every T I buy has to have the neckline altered, so I don't feel as if I'm being choked. Loathe high necks!

I *really* hope there's a ratbane tree there. That's the one plant I'd never heard of before reading the book...understandably so.

the exhibit looks very interesting I opt to have that beer glasses..looks really the best fit for my appetite

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