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The tulips set amid the early hosta leaves are just lovely. For me, it's a meditation on transitions: in part of the scene, the hosta leaves will soon (I think) take over as the tulips finish up. Beautiful.

I bought at least a dozen bags of bulbs last autumn. I told the gardener to plant them wherever he pleased, so I had a lovely surprise going all spring, as I never knew what color and flower would erupt from where.

I don't think I need to buy any more of the King Alfred style of daff, though: I'll go for different colors and variations. More tulips, too--as many as I can afford, I think, along with more crocus assortment.

I don't think he's got enough time to plant all the iris rhizomes I've been buying this month or next...

I too have been having fun with tulips this spring - see my latest post on the subject
Thanks for this great post,

Sometimes it's just wonderful to see anything growing after the winter. No matter what color, or if it clashes, it's still beautiful.

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

When I looked at the aerial shots of the tulip fields of Holland a Cheech and Chong phrase lept to mind: "Far out, dude", said in Tommy Chong's best stoner voice. I like the species tulips the best. I have a lovely little all yellow one that looks divine with the green and yellow striped hoki- whatever grass. It came in a mix of species bulbs. Shouldn't be too difficult to identify, I thought. Wrong. So I think I will just let it multiply on its own and not try to supplement with more bulbs. Which means I can try some other speicies tulip.

I was in the Netherlands two years ago for the bulb display. Amazing doesn't even begin to cover it! Elizabeth, I don't see how you could be bored with it if you saw it in person. The Keukenhof is one of the most wonderful places a gardener could go in springtime!

This year, my favorite tulip is an heirloom variety that I got from Old House Gardens called 'Absalon'. It's a burgundy/brown Rembrandt type with some of the most interesting flames I've ever seen. I think it dates back to the 18th century at least, and I love it so much I'm ordering more for this fall.

Elizabeth, love the clusianas with the white-edged hostas.

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