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Congratulations on a great book review!

She also called your tone 'Bossy-Boots'. I love it. I wish someone would call me Bossy-Boots.
That was a nice review and your book was the first one listed.
Yay! I hope a bunch of people read it. It's a very good book.

Bossy-Boots and Cantankerous - she nailed you! And never boring.

It's great to get a good book review from NY Times. I used to regularly read their reviews and they didn't praise many books. I would love to read your book.

As a believer in small steps, starting with suburban gardens, I cannot wait to read your book. The review waa a refreshing thumbs-up. Congratulations.

AND it was the first review in that section1 No one need go any further. Bossy-boots or not, the book is great and passionate.

Congratulations! It's nice to see the Gray Lady in green ;)

Great review. Could be the reviewer might even try getting her hands a little dirty! Could just be the attitude adjustment she needs.

congrats on the review - loved your book and keep up the cantankerous blogging!!

I'm really happy you got reviewed but wish the reviewer (though I love Dominique Browning's writing) would have been in the "grimy hands club." She made some good points, but on a very basic level she does not get it. Her line about how these books "make a good case for the simple joy of growing things" is an annoyingly simple statement in itself. The task of reviewing these books would be much better served in the hands of someone like Michael Pollan or Barbara Kingsolver. -- Your friend in cantankerous-ness . . .

Terrific review & I love this statement -
“Thanks to my garden,” Owens declares, “I can take a small stand against everything I find witless, lazy and ugly in our civilization.”

I am in the middle of the book (kindle edition) and just love it! Thank you for writing it :)

Love your blog! You remind me of us - the Backyard Bitchezz ( - your Southern sisters. I hope it is okay with you if I re-posted your Allan Armitage dance entry. I credited you and your blog. He is our own home-grown plant guru and we are sorry we missed his dancing debut! Keep digging up the dirt!

Good for you! I agree, loved the book.

congrats on the review love your blogs

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