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Congratulations! I knew of backyard habitat certification but not this. Sounds like a fun and very worthy goal for all communities. I'll put a "like" on Facebook.

What a world we live in. Our local newspaper just had an article in it about a woman who chased a bear off her deck that was apparently attracted by the birdseed she put out...when we can finally deflect the unwanted wildlife around here, maybe we can look at "creating habitat" for them that fits our needs too :) And I love wildlife and nature, too!

Meanwhile, mustard garlic is something chickens love, so if you've got backyard chickens, let 'em at it. We completely eradicated ours this way.

I realize this post is about Certified Wildlife Communities and that's not a bad thing.

Okay, so I will probably make some folks mad. I support wildlife habitats, and for all practical purposes, I have one. I supply all of the needs listed for certification to become a backyard wildlife habitat--food, water, cover, etc. However, I stop short of becoming certified. Why?

Because the birds, bees, lizards, snakes, butterflies, etc. don't know a certified habitat from a non-certified habitat. They don't care.

It bothers me that 1) there is a charge to be certified and a charge for the sign and a BIG charge for the fancier BIG signs...Why not just ask straight out for a monetary donation instead? 2) People wear their "Certified Wildlife Habitat" signs as if they were a trendy brand.

Well, I never run with the pack.

I made my own signs which are posted in my garden and were cheaper than the fancy metal ones you can buy from the NWF. One says "Uncertified Wildlife Habitat" and the other says "Certified Wildlife, Please go Next-door" (with an arrow that points to my neighbor's certified habitat).--Yes, my neighbor still likes and talks to me.

I live in Duluth MN and have had a WLF Habitat for 10 years. Wish wish wish my community would be aware of the need to nourish and sustain wildlife.

Laura, don't feel bad. Others here and elsewhere have complained about the NWF's never-ending and seemingly all-encompassing quest for moolah.
And you're right that one can make changes without bothering with NWF certification but in my town, not as many people would have without the campaign. It worked.

I have nothing but the most positive things to say about the NWF. Have certified personal gardens, public gardens, community gardens, and now planning to get my whole county (Putnam, NY) certified as I works towards becoming a Habitat Steward Host.

I'm glad Laura is providing habitat and helping them; that's the most important thing of all. But, you need to realize that NWF is a non-profit and the only reason we have been around for 75 years is because of donations and items like the certifications & signs that we sell. To think that we could offer them for free and hope that people will donate is being naive. We have so many conservation and education programs that we do offer for free and we can only fund them with the few programs of ours that actually do raise some revenue. I am proud to work for an organization that helps all wildlife, not just certain charismatic species, and our members range from hunters and anglers (the original wildlife conservationists) to tree-huggers and vegetarians like me.


I just wanted to take a minute to tell you that you have a great site! Keep up the good work.

So, are there fiddlers by Sligo Creek? Do they play "The Sligo Maid", "The Sligo Fiddler", "The Sligo FIddler's Farewell", or "Trip to Sligo"? Is there a new tune, The Trip to Sligo Creek, or Down by the Sligo Gardens?

Yes, I've lost it. It's just that I'm quite fond of Irish traditional music, and Sligo is a great source of fiddlers.

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