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I'd be hard-pressed to think of any doubles that are a visual improvement over singles. Part of what I love about flowers are their unique forms and shapes...that's all lost when all flowers are reduced to a ball of petals.

Meh… doubles are hit or miss for me. Double daffs always flop over, while double echinaceas and sunflowers are useless to insects and birds. Double peonies are the only ones I support, because I know that they are environmental deserts in my part of the world anyway.

…I do love double sunflowers though…

Daffodils are such a country flower, that I only like them in my city yard if they are doubles, and look like something else entirely.

Double lilies? Don't see the point, when the original is so very graceful.

Give me an old double daffodil over those hideous, modern 'split corona' daffodils any day.

I generally go for single blooms, but double peonies and dahlias I like much better than singles.

Frankenflowers are just not my thing. Usually, the closer to the species the better. Have you seen Echinacea 'Hot Papaya' or 'Milk Shake'?? Awful! People will buy them to begin with, but they won't last on the market long.

I planted 3 plants of the pictured lilies 3 or 4 years ago. Went outside to check them out. 6 stems. One plant made 3 stems, another 2, and the last 1 make six all together.
A very trouble free plant
No pollen or smell
Not one bug
Sturdy stems with only one cut.

I can't think of a single case where I don't prefer single flowers to doubles. Even peonies.

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