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I love Select Seeds. Some of my can't-do-withouts: nicotiana, evening scented stock, Lauren's Grape poppy, and love-in-a-mist. Those petunias are great too.

I need to tell you about my Martha Washington geranium that I found. It smells divine. Its like smelling lemon zest and the best part is that it keeps the mosquitoes away.

I am a huge fan of growing from seed. Economical, too! I'll have to look into the varieties you have shown here.

Nigella, California poppies, larkspur, rose campion (returns for me and I collect the seeds to give away) and perennial flax are my "go to" seeds for spring blooms. In summer, Benary's Giant zinnias, cleome, alyssum (favorite), annual BES.

Thou forgot-est my favorite annual: Sweet Peas. For a crimson one, see:

I love the beautiful flower on the first photo. Captured perfectly.

Lisa from Acoustic Guitar Lessons

I'm growing petunias from seeds that I gathered last year in South Carolina. I used to see them at old home sites in SC and GA. They aren't as compact as the newer cultivars, but they are pretty and smell heavenly.

I get my Sweet Peas from Renee's Garden. They are always beautiful!

What a delicious first photo! I envy your 9' rudbeckia (almost an impossibility here in Colorado). Yes--poppies (Lauren's Grape is my favorite too), nigella, zinnias sweet peas, sunflowers. I grew mignonette a couple of times and loved the raspberry scent; insignificant flowers but magical.

the rudbeckia you mention is a perennial z2-9, just in case you have been ripping it out and re-seeding every year, I am a huge devotee of old fahioned plants (annual and perennial) and an admirer of the petunias, but do the older varieities have to be dead headed?

*Shhh*...don't tell my Martha Washington pelargonium/geranium she's an annual. Mine has been around for 7 or 8 years. Don't want her to get any ideas about exit strategies.

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