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I have yet to make it to one either--I'm much more likely to get to a Garden Writers shindig although I've missed the last two of those as well. Just not in the budget lately. But the networking and information at these sorts of things are invaluable. Enjoy folks!

Speaking from Austin, where we had the very first ever - it's been a great ride. Each one has been fabulous and unique. I can't wait for the #SeattleFling to start -- we'll be hanging with good friends, seeing amazing gardens and learning lots of new things. You should put the next one (wherever that might be) on your list for 2012! Or host it!

Hey, I've been telling everyone the 2012 Fling will be in Asheville, thanks to, among others, Christopher C, a frequent commenter here. Hope that's true - and not just because I'm repeating that rumor like I know what I talking about. Never been! Wanna go! College boyfriend lives there I want to see again! Enough exclamation points - I've gotta go pack for Seattle.

Completely off topic ... but did anyone else see that it is Gregor Mendel 189th birthday (according to Google) ? We gardeners owe a lot to him for his early research in genetics using peas. Wonder what he'd make of the GMO issues we see today ?

Pack a jacket. It's cold here.

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