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You are so a lucky person to be able to visit Monticello.

Maybe next year I'll be able to go.

Glad to see 4-H included on the list.

Much as I would love to go, my kids have begun school & someone has to see that make it there ... Maybe in a few years [sigh].

I went last year and had a blast. Going this year along with a side trip to Edible Landscaping in Afton (Michael is one of the speakers at the festival).

If you go, do check out the nearby nursery called Edible Landscaping. Michael focuses on edible plants that can be grown in the south using organic methods. And he's pretty entertaining too.

That's two recommendations that I visit Michael at Edible Landscaping, so it's a deal. My family had an orchard in Afton until my dad died 10 years ago; I'd love to see it again.

Michael will be at the festival manning a booth selling plants and giving lectures (often with his guitar) the nursery is usually open while he is away - but he is worth the trip so make sure you talk to him.

He allows you to sample the fruit off the trees and vines at the nursery while you walk around - way cool.

Yeah, you have to go to Edible Landscaping. McConkey is a serious trip. Someone you have to meet. Anyone too far to make the trip can order plants online too:

Among some other things, I have a pomegranate from Virginia!!!

I love Monticello, but do not ignore the Mother Earth News Fair at Seven Springs, PA on Sept 24 & 25. All things sustainable, including many presentations by well-known gardeners and garden writers.

Earlier today I saw this post and was so surprised to see an old high school classmate in the four-person photo montage. It was Mike McConkey -- second picture from the left. My husband and I see him at high school reunions and this is everyone's standard comment: he was the best dancer in high school (almost 50 years ago!) and he's still the best dancer. Always smiling: then and now. He worked at the charming (and still in business) Beautiful Day Trading Company -- combination vegetarian cafe-grocery store-music venue in College Park in the 60s and/or 70s, so his interest in whole, real, unprocessed foods goes way back. Nice to hear so many people say such nice things about Mike!

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