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Lovely pictures! Gotta love rudbeckia, it's a great addition to what you've got growing.

Beautiful...Consider adding red color to the scene

What about a such garden?

I planted my Tomatoes in March (should've been fine for my area). We've had such a cool summer that your bowl of produce has more ripe veggies than my entire garden has thus far !

The first time I saw Strobilanthes I had a fit. It was growing on the edge of a Japanese Maple and when I first saw it I was thunderstruck. I'd never seen such a vision. We were on this bird garden tour sponsored by Wild Birds Unlimited if I remember correctly. Anyways I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off asking anyone and everyone there would it be possible did they think for a novice gardener like myself to actually have one of the Strobilanthes in my garden too? ( I couldn't pronounce "Strobilanthes" then and can't now) And this one nice gentleman told my wife and I that if we'd follow him after we left that house to about 4 blocks from there where a nursery he knew was, that my wish of owning a 'Persian Shield' might come true. It did. When I got home my wife was in the front seat passenger side, I was driving and in the backseat was as many quarts Strobilanthes as I could stuff on the seat and in the floor board.....It was the first time and not the last I over bought but I was so happy when I got home and started finding little places to put them. Next to Rudbeckia hirta 'Indian Summer', in the midst of Coreopsis 'Zagreb' and I let a "John Clayton' honeysuckle trail down from the edge of a fence top on to and into one my of many that season 'Persian Shields".....Some of my combos, and I had so many that year that were for my money successes and some where, well NOT so successful...;-) But I was in love so it didn't matter that much then. I was in love with Strobilanthes. Who knew you could fall in love with something called Strobilanthes. ..:-) It was kinda like my wife falling in love with me, who could have imagined it but I'm sure glad she did and I'm sure glad I fell in love with Strobilanthes. I've enjoyed it in my garden every year since. Who ever heard of plant that changes colors depending where you look at from? It's like planting a chameleon.

It is really beautiful pictures.

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