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I echo your enthusiasm for the Garden Professors. The Blog and its proprietors are excellent resources.

And you don't have to wait till the Garden Writers Conference to hear Linda. Growing a Greener World premiers an episode showcasing Linda Chalker-Scott THIS Saturday on public television stations across the country. Here's a link to the website and station finder: If you can't find it on air, you can watch it online starting Sunday at the same website.
Also, she was a guest on our podcast as well. She is a true professional and a credit to the industry. Here's the podcast link:

Let the games begin! I for one can't wait to see dirt mixed with water..............or should we call it soil mixed with water.....humm, let's ask a hort. professional, wait, I am one............

As a certified Master Garden and garden blogger myself, I whole-heartedly agree w/ Linda and the need for more garden writers to check their info w/ academics for accuracy. I see countless blogs inadvertently performing a disservice by spreading mis-information to gardeners seeking help.

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