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I've contributed a number of my photos to EOL using the Flickr pool and you don't need to caveat that - the process from getting into the pool to appearing as a verified photo on EOL is evidently quite involved.

Whilst I like EOL now I have to say I think it will be much, much better in 5 years time than it is now.

Seems like a great website. Good thing we are going into the dormant season so I can spend time on this site instead of gardening.

This is awesome and I can't wait to dig in. Thanks for sharing.

Please explain to your editor that some of us want to know when a plant's scientific name has been changed, is about to be changed, or what it used to be and may sometimes still be called.

Interesting that the first two articles from 1761 are in NORWEGIAN. :) This is very very cool. Thanks for bringing this site to my attention.

Or, to be more precise, Danish, since that was Norway's written language at the time. Still, comes from Trondheim.

Thank you for the review.

@tai - Five years? Give us one. :) But seriously, let us know what you want to see improved either by commenting on the EOL blog at or by leaving a message for an EOL staff member on the site.

@John - If you go to the Names tab on a taxon page, you'll see related names, common names and synonyms. For example:

Bob - I meant for other publications. Amy said that her editor would remove such a reference and I'm saying that all that info is important.

@John - understood. I can't help myself, I like to tell people about our names capabilities.

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