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The first picture with Bess is confirming my need to adopt chickens! And, drink bourbon.

Love it. Perhaps a peach julep is meant to be sipped in the company of cute chickens in a pretty garden? (Bliss.)

Nothing like a good warm day - a bourbon laced drink - and a couple of drunken chickens as entertainment...

That ginger liqueur is the stuff, even more so when topping cava or prosecco.

One of my brothers made Wild Turkey ice cream constantly years ago. This past weekend I made peach ice cream . . . hmmm, you've given me an idea.

I love the chickens. The garden looks beautiful with the flowers in bloom and it appears to be a sunny day. I enjoy good bourbon straight or on the rocks. A rare treat for me.

Sounds lovely, but I have to admit I best like my bourbon straight up. I cannot keep Eagle Rare in the house or it will get drunk immediately.

liqueur made with my own blueberries and rhubarb.And made Asian pear with ginger liqueur.this site sounds and looks like a fun place to be.

Seeing the upper photo made me laugh--as did the lower one, and other readers' comments on drunken chickens.

I would add to Maker's Mark the brands Knob Creek and Woodford's Resserve. They're getting around.

You have a ginger addict as a reader--but perhaps there are more like me. I do not understand why people put "too much" or "too spicy/hot" and "ginger" in the same sentence. What can they be thinking?

Recent gifts from my husband have been a Blood Orange liqueur, and the aforementioned Domaine de Canton liqueur. Rather than a slice of fresh ginger (had you not the liqueur), I'd go for crushed ginger or ginger spread (both available from those nasty ginger pushers, The Ginger People).

I have a different twist on a Dark & Stormy. Don't use a wimpy ginger ale or Jamaican style ginger beer, use Blenheim Extra Hot, add a nice dark rum, and then finish it off with a floater (does it float?) or jigger of DdC liqueur. Garnish with a lemon slice and a slice of ginger.

I am going to try your recipe...another night, when I have peaches. I think it would make a nice marinade...for chicken.

Thanks so much for the morning smile! I really enjoyed the picture of Bess absconding with your peach slice!

Bourbon soaked peaches. That can't be good for them!

We still have ripe peaches coming from local orchards - and I love the idea of adding bourbon. wonderful!

Awesome chicken! :))

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