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I thought you were coming to Portland to talk about Wicked Bugs. What happened?? I for one was looking forward to it. I enjoyed reading about Wicked Plants!

Hey, Did you guys see your mention in the Fall 2011 issue of American Bungalow Magazine? It's in the new column, "In the Bungalow Garden." You're listed as a resource in the Heirloom Gardening column:


DANGIT. Here's the blurb I meant to post in my previous comment, from the article in American Bungalow Fall 2011 (issue #71):
If you like your garden blog with an edge, this is the site for you. Plenty of open discussions of controversial gardening topics. The founders are “appalled by chemical warfare in the garden” and don’t pull any punches when dealing with the horticultural industry. Entertaining, witty, passionate gardeners whose mantra is “shut up and dig.”

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