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This is a great giveaway! I love to read gardening books during the winter for inspiration.

Wonderful give away and inspiring interview!

Yes, I need a good gardening book for winter.

Very interesting comments on the publishing industry and the fact that mainstream publishers focus on 'safe' works ... being in the book buying business for the gift shop that I manage, I would have to say that his statement is very true. It is hard to find works that are outside of mainstream topic and point-of-views. Unfortunately, his book doesn't fit our remit, but I would love to read it because it may help in planning my new garden!

Excited to see a book about gardening in my home state. Now gardening in Virginia and loving every minute of it(including the spider bites). Read the Rant every day and has opened my world to so many interesting websites, blogs, ideas etc.
Darlene Watson

I am going to have to get this book - whether in the Giveaway or at the store. It sounds charming. My own book The Roses at the End of the Road is similar, as in essays and history of a garden, and so is my experience with publishers - hence my relationship with

It sounds like a great book. I'm glad that he pursued self publishing so that we could read it. We need more books like this.

A garden after my own heart. Benjamin's book will be added to my Christmas list!

We use this term all the time at Work.

Definately need more good writing about gardens; there is so much regurgitated material, very little new and useful. This sounds like a must, Christmas, anyone?

I already bought four copies at Amazon. His PR work payed off. At $5.99 I couldn't resist. They will make great gifts for the other garden minded folks in my life. Benjamin's writing is always a pleasure to read and it will be interesting to read how a gardener makes a tallflower meadow from scratch while I spend my gardening time trying to organize nature's tallflower meadow to my liking. I have a feeling my efforts will take a lot longer than three years.

Benjamin you can come visit the mountain top anytime you want and kill all the grasshoppers your heart could desire, organically of course.

I love this giveaway. I always enjoy reading gardening books, especially ones that are "beautifully and thoughtfully written." Thanks for offering the books.

ooo, pick me! i need more garden reading for my winter bookshelf.

The book sounds fascinating......and if it has pictures? I'm sold.

Funny guy. I'd enjoy a little inspiration over the winter.

I'd love a copy...of course, sooner or later I'll probably knuckle down and buy one anyway!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a prairie garden. I just bought the book, so no need to enter me in a giveaway. Thank you for bringing this story to us, and your recommendation!

Wow. Just ... wow. Even his prose reads like poetry. Why can't I find good garden writing like this in my local bookstores ? Most everything there is of the "how to" genre - and of that it's mostly "how to grow marijuana". And there's so much more to being a gardener than knowing how to do stuff. I have to special order authors I know about, but unless someone I trust makes a recommendation (thanks GR & my gardening friends) it's difficult to find fresh names.

Thanks for the introduction, Amy !

For me, writers who garden are more helpful than gardeners who write. The ability to express both the physical and emotional content of gardening is a rare - and valuable gift.

I am interested in reading Benjamin's book and would love to win a copy.

Thanks for the interesting interview about the intersection of writing and gardening.

Got to read this - and am in UK. Just checked and can't see it for sale here. Will research more but maybe I need to win it?!

ebooks.... now...

Nah! Got it! Don't need to win it now. Thanks for drawing my attention to it, Garden Rant.


I was fortunate enough to "find" and friend Benjamin on a Gardening site. It was then I discovered a rare gem. His engaging personality, and gift with words makes him the kind of "friend", that even without regular, personal communication, still feels like a welcoming, old friend. Give away or not, I look forward to reading his works, and blog. He is very bright spot in the lives he and his work touches. Thanks, Ben!

Poetry, prose, gardens, pictures - yummy!

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