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I enjoyed this the first time I saw it on Kirkus-would love to read more.

Yes, please enter me in the contest. I'd love to read about Benjamin's first 3 years of creating his garden.

Got to get this one! In Kansas, my climate is close enough to use the same plants and the advice. Nice going Mr. Vogt!

Sounds like an interesting style of book and a novel way to express a memoir, by cataloging the events of your life in parallel with your evolving garden. Glad to hear that the author opted to go down the path of the ebook publishing rather than simply giving up after attempts at traditional publishing failed.

Yes! A garden in my state being featured definitely brought a smile to my face today!

I'm always game for a giveaway. And I like Benjamin's stuff, like most. Especially when he gets ranty about flagpoles and such.

I love the prairie (though I am far away from it now) and would really enjoy reading about the trials and tribulations of developing such a beautiful garden.

We spend so much time gardening, any book telling this kind of story is made for us.

In three years alone? Beautiful! I hope that there are images in the book showing before/after.

I love Benjamin's garden. Discovered his blog last year when it came up when I was googling "Tallamy." The pictures of its development are very interesting, too. You can see that its bones are a basic suburban backyard lot (like mine!).

I've been a fan of Benjamin's blog for a while now and would love a chance to win his book. He is a very talented writer and gardener. I wish him every success with the book - he deserves it!

I'd love to read this book.

this picture inspires me to just plant like crazy, stuff that will turn me on...where a mass of my Mazus reptans 'Alba' got torched by our blow torch summer in st. louis.

I've been visiting his blog for a while and his writing is as much of a draw as his amazing gardening...even if I don't win this, it's going on my Christmas "wish-list' ;-)

Best wishes on your book. I look forward to reading it. There's a long winter ahead, which is the best time for reading about gardening.

and... good questions, Amy! Sounds like a very good read... if I don't win I'll just have to buy a copy (or two).

Nice interview. I'll put this book on my list for winter reading.

Love your answer to the last question! Actually, love ALL the answers! Thanks for the chance at your book. It'll soon be time to put down the garden tools and pick up the reading material.

Oh, my. Yes - put my name in the hat, please!

Nice read! I love the interview questions. It didn't feel distant like most interviews I tend to read.

I consider myself a permanent novice gardener and dabbler of writing. So this really drew me in. I'll def be back here to poke about more.


I think if I don't win this book, I may just have to buy it. :)

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