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I do have to say, who are those people ... I know they didn't talk to me! I am younger than 83% of the respondents, in that 7% of male gardeners, and represent one of those 27% that plant seeds ... guess I represent the black sheep of the gardening family! Plus, purple, really???

Well, I do like purple.

Other than that, I'm 34, female, and "avid." (Unless "deranged" is one of the other options.) I'm just going to hope that decline in gardening is a survey problem and not representative of the greater whole. (And here I thought we were all supposed to vegetable garden our way out of the recession...)

I confess, I generally have poor luck with seeds and only use them for heirloom varieties/weird obscure natives I can't possibly get any other way, so I'd be one of those plant buyers, too.

I wonder if the decrease in gardeners has anything to do with people losing their homes and being forced to rent. I know I wouldn't want to spend a whole lot of time and money to improve the garden on a property that I might not be living in for more than a year or two.

Purple ? I don't like purple at all. Pretty much any other color, yes. I just don't care for purple flowers.

I am female, in the 35-55 range (but not the 45-55 yet) & am certainly more than a weekend gardener (some have described my as "rabid"). I do buy many of my garden residents as plants. Why ? Because my garden patch is very small & I'd hate to waste a whole packet of seeds just to get one or two plant of the variety I prefer. We have several local IGCs that between them offer almost any heirloom or hybrid a girl could wish. Almost. Those that are not available locally, I have to decide if it's worth it to start my own from seed.

I do find it difficult to believe that fewer people are gardening. In my circle of acquaintances, no gardener has quit & many previous non-gardeners are rapidly becoming addicted.

I like purple (more like violet actually), but I hate "purple" plants, which end up being mostly burgundy anyway.

Yikes, 93% female! I'm more rare than I thought...but I believe the statistic when I think about it. My local county Master Gardener group, about 30 strong, has maybe 5 males in it.

Am I the only one who dislikes Strobilanthes? As a rule, purple plants and purple flowers are fine with me but this plant just rubs me the wrong way. I fell in love with a pure silver variety I saw on a garden tour once but I have never seen that one in the trade.

A agree with Chad, I believe any downturn in the industry can easily be attributed to the economy. People are cherishing the plants they already have and not spending on any more.

I wonder if the 73% start edibles from plants statistic could be explained by casual vs. avid food gardeners.

I would hope most people with rows and rows of dedicated heirloom veggies are starting them from seed, but there are probably a lot more people who have a pot of parsley or a single cherry tomato stuck next to the garage or something like that - and I wouldn't be surprised at all to learn that those were bought as plants.

oh, and 'avid' and 'new' gardeners are ~13,000 and ~12,000 people, but 29 and 28%. The remaining 3% were 'master' (I guess that's sort of like 'deranged', UrsulaV)

My husband jokes that every plant I bring home has purple flowers.

Purple is royal :) We like royals

I too buck the trend with having a vegetable garden that is almost 1/4 acre (for 2 people).
I would be the "super" avid gardener category-perhaps the gardening industry doesn't want to acknowledge us uber gardeners'??

Well time to dug out my 5 rows of potatoes (all different) after all they are each 40 feet long!

Best purple IMO? that deep purple iris I received from one of my aunts who has since passed away. I always think of her when it blooms.

I am 34, female, and an avid gardener. However, once the school year hits, I am pretty much forced into weekend gardening.

As for purple, I have to admit I bought purple beans this year, because my daughter really, really wanted them. We will see how they turn out. My mother's purple peas were pretty, but tasted horrendous.

And I usually start my plants from seeds, but have been known to buy starts if the occasion calls for it.

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