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The word in the vegetable rows is that two of the urban farms on the recent West Asheville Garden Stroll will be in an upcoming issue of Urban Farm.

Turnips you say. If I'm going to store enough of something for the winter in my root cellar, let's do potatoes and parsnips.

Historic LANDSCAPE DESIGN increases urban crop yield by 50%-80%.

How? Increasing quantity of pollinators throughout the year. A single vegetable flowering turns into 2 or more on many types of veggies. More pounds produce/plant.

Honey production is increased also.

Odd, never seeing ornamental horticulture paired with agriculture.

Entire articles, magazines, symposia dedicated to veggies and zero mention how historic LANDSCAPE DESIGN with ornamentals increases vegetable yields.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

I love these magazines too, thanks for giving them a post.
Tara--great idea! I've seen short "asides" about planting flowers, herbs, etc. in with the vegetables, but nothing solid on what a difference it makes in production.

I just discovered "Urban Farmer" and it's made me long even more for a bit more room, more accepting neighbors ... or an empty lot nearby. I want bees. I want chickens. I want not to just garden. I want to farm.

Yeah, it's one of my favorite magazines for sure. The most recent issue, with the cocktails, was totally rad.

I should let some friends know about Chickens.

Erm. 'Kaffir' is a lime used in Asian & Indian cooking, and it has unusual leaves: what looks like two leaves, end to end, per sub-branch.

Kefir, a fermented dairy drink that can be runny (and fruit-flavored!), about the consistency of a lassi, is usually a yogurt product. I understand that there is a firmer version. I drank kefir as a young adult, but haven't touched it in years--I'd rather have lassi, esp. the sweeter kind with rosewater, or with mango.

As to your CA to MA tour, I can't make anything until next year ;-(( as I have a dance rehearsal every Thursday at 9pm, and our troupe has a performance that weekend. I expect your new book won't be available until sometime in 2013.

I could not agree more. I've cancelled most of my garden magazine subscriptions but Urban Farm is one I'm addicted to.

I love this magazine. Not sure how I found it--I think I went to the bookstore and bought all of their gardening magazines one day. It is awesome. I subscribed immediately. I've tried several projects, including cucumbers in buckets. Lots of fun!

Ah Impulse bought a subscription! I'm not normally a magazine kind of person but this one sounds exactly like the type of one I've been looking for. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

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