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In my perfect gardening magazine I would like to see a mix of inspiring photos, in depth articles even if it is about something I couldn't care less about, short or humerous pieces, historical insights and how they garden in places far away.
Food magazines do a great job but garden magazines are pretty dumbed down and more like home magazines.
As for the hard to predict I find.

My ipad may make online magazines more attractive. I do not like to read them on my computer. I like to sit back and put my feet up when I read magazines.

I think print is the way to go for garden magazines and books. The garden is a tangible experience and I like my garden books to be tangible as well. I'm intrigued by what you're saying about this magazine.

I think they should dig deeper (bad pun I know) and start publishing really, good writing. I'm liking the direction Organic Gardening has taken in the last year. Enjoy it very much. Beautiful photography, deeper, more well-written articles which online writing has trouble replicating. Thanks for the heads up about this magazine.~~Dee

I'm young enough that I had an e-mail address in elementary school, and I still prefer print books and magazines, especially the magazines. I like to leave them on my coffee table for guests to flip through, or pass them on to my parents. Also, my only screen at home is a 13" laptop, which is not nearly big enough to enjoy pretty pictures without lots of annoying zooming and scrolling.

I'm excited about a new print magazine, especially one that looks like it will have a high content:ad ratio, even if it costs a little more to achieve that.

I do most of my garden reading online, but it's snowing here, and there's nothing better than snuggling up with a beautiful book that invokes spring when it's like this.

I've seen a few reviews of this magazine so far and all are positive. It certainly looks (and sounds) like the creators tried to make it worth the asking price. However I do feel that $60 is too much to spend on a magazine subscription. It would be nice if there were a cheaper digital version available. After all a digital version should be cheaper to produce, right?

I got a review copy of this too, and it's a very smart and hip publication. It's got a little bit of that McSweeney's/Believer feel to it, and a nice understated design that supports the idea that the emphasis is on good writing and great stories.

I have been letting my subscriptions to the old standbys lapse. I don't think they are serving the traditional gardening demographic. More and more of my friends are subscribing to British gardening magazines, but so far I haven't been willing to pay that much. There's the rub, you get what you pay for.

This looks like great fun. Even though I've gardened and raised chickens for years, there's always a fresh way to look at it.
And I love that it's paper, not electrons. Even though I shudder at the trees killed for paper, reading e-magazines makes me nuts.

I definitely prefer printed over electronic periodicals. They seem so much more convenient to me because you can take them with you anywhere and read them without having to hunt down wifi!

Withlighter, color tablet "computers" becoming available, an online presence is definitely a must. But I still nothing like carrying around a paper copy of a beautiful mag. Guess I am out of the demographic so am very curious to have a look at this new publication. Sustainability, growing with natives, growing organically, incorporating green spaces in our cityscapes - these are all very important topics for we gardeners.

Love to have a magazine on a long plane ride or even in heavy traffic. This would soothe my soul in any situation!

Always looking for a great garden read that's not stuffy!

I think it's wonderful that magazines - print or digital - are finding unserved (or underserved) niches and making a go for it. We all like to read articles that support our own vision of a garden and our own utopia, not matter the style. Good luck to the folks at Wilder!

Count me as one that prefers a print magazine. They're so much easier to flip through. But I do love Leaf and that they have the option to print. I don't know that any one garden magazine can be all things to all people. I love that there is a wide variety of them to appeal to many interests. My own interests change over time, so what I might want now may not be what I want in a few years or what I wanted a few years ago. I'd love to see this magazine.

I appreciate handling a book while I read (I'm not an e-reader convert by any means), but magazines are another story. I tend to gravitate toward digital copies. Otherwise, I read them once and stick them in a massive pile (even if I've bookmarked a good article).

For me, things are just easier to organize online.

I still like print magazines, and this one sounds like a good one.

I have just subscribed to it. Don't need to win one but could use another subscription or 2 for my daughters. Looks like a great magazine. Good to see some new coming to print.


I love the idea of this magazine and I hope it can fulfill all of our dreams for it. "Life through the lens of the growing world" - that's exactly how I think of it. Gardening and growing things affects my travel, my cooking, my household, my cleaning, my family, my social life -- everything is tied to that. It's a good start. I'm not sure about the future of print, but I love the way a real paper magazine feels so my fingers are crossed.

Oh--what a lovely magazine. I love your blog and follow it regularly, but I just can't make myself do Kindle versions of things yet.

I'm on a tight budget and of that generation that loves a good magazine to curl up with during the short, cold days of winter.

Pick me, pick me! (Shameless, I know.)

Your loyal reader & cheerleader,
~Dottie in New Mexico

I still love a hard-copy, flip through and dog-ear the pages publication, and this sounds like a very promising one. The price is a bit of sticker shock, but I'd be willing to pay for higher quality.

Love the conventional gardening mags, even the ones that set the bar impossibly high for haphazard gardeners like me, but I'm excited to check out something new and different. "Wilder" sounds like a delicious read. Can't wait to find out.

Looks beautiful! wish i could be reading it now!

Of course I agree with all the comments above or I wouldn't subscribe to this blog.

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