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Thanks for posting the homage.

Early in my career I would only say, Garden Design. I'm so over that arrogance. Landscaping, gardening, yardening, & etc, whatever it takes I'm all in.

Interesting to see the use of horticulture vs. agriculture now.

Things change & different audiences are attracted. Appreciate what you do with your blog.

Garden & Be Well, XO Tara

I thought "yardening" was a great word that described most of what my neighbors do.

Jeff Ball always lovely in his comments here. So sorry to hear of his death.

I like the term "yardening". I don't feel it diminishes what I do as a gardener at all, which might be working in the veggie garden or the flower beds around my house. To me, the term means everything from watering the lawn to putting out the patio pots and furniture in the Spring. It might include some light gardening too (watering and light weeding, for example), but gardening to me involves more heavy lifting. Some days I'm more in the mood to yarden, other days to garden.

I wish I had known about Mr. Ball earlier in my life.

Also, I don't get hung up on what's called what. I don't think others should either.

Here in the South, we all grew up with the "yardman", not gardener. I hear the term used to this day down here. The term "gardener" was a little too uppity, I guess.

Love this wonderful blog! :-)

stories like that one feel you with a bit of nostalgia, especially at that time of year, but hey, life goes on with many happy memories and surely lots of seeds sown to live him long ever after. I believe we garden lovers have all in mind someone who we will keep in our hearts for the way they opened our eyes onto the world that's around us, starting with our yard. Happy yardening everyone !

"Yardeners" have a life.
For Gardeners, it IS their life.
Both are to be encouraged.

@DAY-you made me laugh out loud because that is SO true!

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