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Dry Shade-- got it and plenty of it! Need that book!

I am an avid follower of Graham Rice's blog, and I always find it to be thoughtful and informative. As an American who reads lots and lots of British gardening writing, I also find the cross-Atlantic perspective of the blog really useful.

And I have tons of shade! I would love to have this book!

I have lots of shade and we are in a drought in Central Texas. We also have lots of heat from April through September which I fear this book's offerings may not address. I'd like to read it anyway.

I had a plague of voles in a client's garden two years ago. They ate up hundreds of tulips then moved on to the lilies and hosta. No amount of special vole food got rid of them. Now the poisonous daffodils and hyacinth are the main bulbs planted.

Up here it rains and snows too much to have classic dry shade despite the forest setting. Down below in the valleys I run into dry shade all the time. I could use some planting tips for those conditions other than the hosta.

His blog's archives go back to 2006. Anyone writing a blog then likely was the first.

Totally sympathetic to the vole issue. We had them last year in the garden. They are way more destructive than gophers, and harder to get rid of.

need this book, lots of dry shade but luckily no voles cause the cats catch them

Could use the book because one side of our yard is dry shade, despite the fact that my wife says we have too many books all ready.

This would be a welcome addition to my burdgeoning gardening library! Cheers!

We've had the dryest autumn in 140 years so my whole yard could probably use this book!

Graham Rice is a miracle worker with gardening. From his knowledge of plants to the best looking mulch he is a true expert.

Gosh, I really need this book. Dry shade is all I've got. That and dry sun, here in the high ('cold') desert. Ponderosa pines and western juniper 'R' us. The whole concept of 'dry shade' is one I have only recently heard of, and I am thrilled to know there is a body of knowledge and actual plants, for my yard. Especially since I am one of the last people on earth to still be dragging hoses around and watering with actual sprinklers. It's a pain in dry shade. Let's plant some ........... er, well, I need Graham's book to tell me what.

I'm addicted to plants and I love reading Graham Rice's New Plants blog. Planting the Dry Shade Garden looks like a great book to have as a reference. We all need some help in adding more interest in the dry shady garden.

I have southern California dry shade. Oh so very dry.... I would love to add this book to my too large collection of books.

Thanks for introducing me to some new garden writers....I'm always on the lookout, especially for funny ones.

Also, I like this topic of "Comparative Gardening" where you discuss what issues gardeners from other countries are all a-buzz about. I think it's funny that in the UK they have no interest in discussing the merits of lawns or native plants.

I have just started gardening. I just, in fact, made my first closed terrarium and the plants are growing (I talked about it in my website with photos too). I would like to have the book, of course. Not just because it is not available on my country but I'd also like to learn more of gardening.

Sad to hear that even in Britain the garden magazines are fighting for time and attention.

oh my goodness it's sad to hear about the British magaizines. I have a subscription to The English Garden, which I love despite the fact that it has zero relevancy to my zone 7b southern garden.

I've got plenty of dry shada....and need something to plant besides epimediums.....

Please put me in for this drawing!!!!!

I really need this book because I have 2 acres of mostly dry shade. I have a lot of hostas and I hope not many voles. I have 3 cats but lately they have been fixated on the frogs in the koi pond.
It's funny how many people have never heard of voles. When he was little, one of my sons was bitten by a vole he tried to rescue from a cat. I called the pediatrician to see if there was anything I should do. He said he knew nothing about rodent bites and that I should take my son to the ER at the hospital in the city. Two things stand out in my memory. 1 - The total amazement of the staff that my son was totally up-to-date on his vaccinations. 2. Nobody had ever heard of a vole. They were sure I probably meant a mole...

I'm glad that Planting the Dry Shade Garden looks as if it will be helpful to so many people. It was always one of those problems greeted with a heavy sigh so I hope I've provided plenty of solutions. You can find out more about the book at
And thank you for a great piece, Susan. A lovely gift on my birthday!

I had the wonderful opportunity to meet and speak with Mr. Rice in 2008 at the S.F. Garden Show. He was witty, insightful and a powerhouse of horticultural information. I've enjoyed several of his books over the years and have no doubt that this new book will be just as coveted as his earlier works .
We're lucky to have such a talented writer in the horticultural corner.

Some of my best dry-shade performers here in AL are actually ferns-
of course some of the same varieties you see doing fine out in the dry woods. I would be interested to see what other ferns he specifically discusses for dry shade.

Will definitely be getting the new book, whether I win or not!

that would be an amazing book to have for under oak trees here in the south :)

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