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Love his blog and the info might just help me next year with the area under a black walnut that I'm currently sheet mulching. Let's see... juglone toxicity + dry shade = an experiment that will likely extend over several years!

Dry shade R us. Love to have the book.

I'll probably get this book, but getting it free would be nice too. :-)

Silver and sugar maple trees? Check. Hostas survive, sort of. That part of the garden just sort of hangs on, until there's a flood.

I've just added the transatlantic gardener to my subscriptions list and Planting the Dry Shade Garden to my wishlist.

This looks like a great book!!

I volunteered at a native plant salvage just so I could score some ferns to plant in my shady spot. Unfortunately, there are only two survivors in the bunch. Turns out - I have dry shade! I desparately need some help in plant selection and would love to win a copy of Graham's book!

My whole garden is dry shade! Need this book! Pick me! Pick me!

I have a few spots that are dry and shady. Presents problems even in woodlands.

Sounds like a wonderful book. Would love to learn of solutions other than the usual groundcovers.

I have dry shade AND voles. But dry shade caused by 30 mature native trees, which are a treasure......but I could sure use the book, thanks!

I have a three foot overhang on the eves of my house - lots of dry shade! Here's hoping I "get lucky".


No, just kidding.

One of my favorite UK Garden people is the lady who puts out the Alternative Kitchen Garden podcast. She always has interesting things to say, whether it's about her garden, her chickens, seedswaps, or book reviews.

I've enjoyed his blog tremendously. He often gives a different view of things than others out there.

Beech tree, horse chestnut and a silver maple (neighbors yard). I wish I knew what 'wet shade' was...

I really need this book! A large chunk of my yard if full of great big white pines ... very little sun and almost no rain pass through.

Can't win the lottery if you don't buy a ticket.

Fortunately my hostas weren't ravaged by voles, but I could always use more tips for dry shade!

I too faced the despair of plant demise caused by voles. A wide variety of lilies that I had grown for years are now only a memory. :-(

I'm holding out hope for shade in the sandhills, SC. shamelessly optimistic. mulch is gold. enjoyable articles.

So excited to read this book! Love Mr. Rice's writing.

Sounds like a book for me--for the first time in my life, I actually have substantial amount of shade, and mostly dry dirt in it. I've been planting heucheras, a bit of moss, and dwarf conifers, but could use some other ideas.

Spot on for June Tabor. Her Aqaba is positively haunting. She's also done some work with the "Mrs Ackroyd Band" a construction from the imagination of the very twistedly funny Les Barker. She and Maddy Prior of Steeleye Span have two albbums out worth pursuing, as well, Silly Sisters and No More to the Dance. I think she works with Oyster Band these days.

If I do not win your free copy of this book, I think I'll buy it myself as a Christmas gift... :-)

This book is definitely one to add to the collection. It will be on my wish list 5 minutes from now.

Great commentary! Love Graham's book and will be getting one either way.

Sad to here about the printing challenge. Digital has its place but I love going through page by page of the last of the great gardening magizines and adding them to my reference library. I am also one of those that go for the hardcover books - be nice if the reading public could understand that. sigh... other gardeners or wanna-be-better gardeners, I would like to add this book to my library.

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