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Thanks for the heads-up on Planting the Dry Shade Garden. I need some inspiration for my dry shady yard in the south.

Graham's the best. So straightforward and not just about pretty pictures. There's substance there.

Dry shade is always a challenge here in the southeast. I'd love to read what Mr. Rice does to transform it...

I'm watching the first snowfall of the year from my home office window. A new gardening book is exactly what I need right now.

Landscaping dry shade is the Holy Grail for horticulturists like me. It's one of the more perplexing problems I get to solve. This book would be a welcome addition to my Liabrary. I hope I win!

Dry Shade...this book would be a great resource for gardeners in northern Illinois!

Please may I have a kitten trained by the cat who killed >50 pine voles this year? I have a dry shade garden in Atlanta with 20 towering "pine needle factories" in the front garden. I bought Graham's book the day after it was published and have put his suggestions to good use. His garden bed photos were extremely helpful in explaining it all to my hubby. I met/know Rice/white through Garden Writers Assocn. Perchance are you giving away his Encyclopedia of Perennials? I don't have that one yet. thank you.

Great article! I would love this book.

I definitely need to add this book to my garden resources! Love that the project was done by a husband/wife team, too. Happy Birthday, Graham! :)

I have these exact same tough conditions at some large space in my garden, so win or not, I will read it. I hope the book content is "compatible" with my zone in Canada...

I need this book! Nothing but dry shade --- and deer, but no voles yet! It would be lovely to win, but will buy it if I don't.

I love this blog.

The north side of my house is nothing but dry shade, even in the Pacific Northwest. I'll have to check out Mr. Rice's blog.

My entire woodland walkway garden is a magnet for dry shade plants. I'm a plantaholic & would love to see some new additions.

Bring on the book!

What would my dry shade garden do without Dicentra Spectabilis?

Voles are a big problem for me also, but the chipmunks are the big tulip and crocus eaters. I can always use more ideas for dry shade. The maples take most of the moisture and nutrients in my shade garden.

I love Graham Rice and have a couple of his books already. The dry shade book would be a nice addition to my collection!

This looks like a fun book to get into!

this would be a great book to have for my little patch of dry shade. I always look to the brits for the best plant combos!

Some of my favorite gardens are dry shade-it's a really fun garden challenge.

This book sounds like the perfect solution to my next garden project. I have an area next to the shed--which needs replacing--that never gets water. It looks ugly and I have no idea what to plant. I tend to be "unlucky" in contests, but would love to win this one. If I don't win, maybe I'll add this book to my Christmas list for Santa.

My front yard is dry shade, and that grass has got to go. I need this book!

Ooh! Pick Me!

Dry shade is what my garden is all about. I need some help developing a better palate of plants for it. Thanks for offering the book as a prize!

I definitely need this! Love Graham Rice.

The most difficult gardening condition, count me in!

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