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I assume she had help, too, but it looks like the book will do good - on many fronts. That is good, too.

"Yeah!" to gardening at the Executive level. This is fabulous publicity for eating better and getting exercise at the same time. Dept. of Agriculture take note: our hard working farmers need more, more, more respect and top billing. Their health and ours depend on it. What better way to improve our farming practices than to put a very pretty lady holding luscious-looking veggies on the cover of a book? Susan, a big thank you for all the work you do to energize the gardening hoards.

Unfrigginbelievable. One term gardener as well as one term president

Why yes, it would be so much better to have a moron like Perry in office and then we could just drill, drill, drill right there on the White House grounds and achieve energy independence once and for all.

Thanks Susan for getting the word out! I've said right along that gardening was good exercise! What better way to combine exercising ( the country seems to be overflowing with over-weight people), and eating healthy (by growing your own) I hope she promotes "organic" gardening. Going Green is another popular issue!

Now I love her even more!

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