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I don't have anything handmade, but I do have a garden hoe of the month calendar available. Who wouldn't be pleased to get a hoe calendar?

Thank you for letting me shamelessly promote my hoe calendar. Hoes... you need at least three of them to make it Christmas.

Can we shamlessly promote another person?

I am actually a digital/comic artist [fantasy-themed specialized]. I don't know if people are interested in illustrative works being done, but I can/will do it!

Visit Peg and Awl for treasures for the garden, home and body! Journals, garden boxes, kitchen treasures, olde fashioned tree swing and loads more - all made out of abandoned (or reclaimed!) materials:

I have a whole bird section! This is one of my favorites, a bird nest necklace:

Hello my name is Rayana and I own WithTheRain on Etsy and make SLUGS fleece rain boot liners. You will live in these fleece boot liners! Completely practical and comfortable…and they just so happen to look really cute, as well! Fleece is so soft and comfortable! Once you wear your rain boots with SLUGS you will never want to wear them without SLUGS.

The actual intention for these wonderful fleece socks is to prevent that annoying problem of socks slipping down in your boots! They are long enough that the top cuff can be folded over the top of your boots even Hunters, to keep your feet and legs cozy! SLUGS make a perfect gift for any gardener.

Hi there. We're VisuaLingual, a Cincinnati-based design studio that makes seed bombs -- little balls of seeds, clay and worm castings that you can throw wherever you'd like to see plants grow! We currently offer ten different varieties that make for great stocking stuffers or host/hostess gifts. You can check them out in our Etsy shop:

June Hunter, in Vancouver, BC, offers much to covet. Her urban crows series is fantastic, and I just had one of her large rust images mounted under plexi for a bathroom. Love the botanicals, too.

Oooh, how wonderful! I've just launched Garden Therapy Handmade, where I'm selling beautiful flower photographic prints that I've made into throw pillows. And yep, they are truly handmade, I even grew the flowers!

It's a great way to bring a little garden therapy into homes for the holidays.Each print is a limited edition, so when they are gone, new designs will take their place.

Here is the store:
And a summary on the Garden Therapy Blog:

Yup, I got photos on Etsy, of flowers, insects, and leaves. And other stuff. All from my Nebraska prairie garden.

I'm very pleased and proud to tell you that my Succulents 2012 Watercolor calendar features my paintings of aloes, agaves, aeoniums and more. Miss December, a cactus that looks like a snowflake, also is available on holiday greeting cards and postage stamps. From my online store: Succulent Chic, Cards and Gifts by the Succulent Chick.


I hand-make concrete vessels that are created for garden and home use and I believe they are a product that would be of interest to Garden Rant readers. My Impure Vessels are multi-colored concrete vessels made through a unique process I developed of layering hand-rolled and hand-cut colors of concrete in molds and wet-carving the green concrete. All color in the vessels is actual integrated concrete colorant; no paint is used. The pieces are waterproof and food safe, and because concrete is such a multi-functional material, the vessels may be used either inside or outdoors as serving platters, fruit bowls, vases, birdbaths, or decorative additions to the home or patio.

The vessels can be purchase through

Thanks for your time,

Deborah Brackenbury
[email protected]

I hope this isn't too much of a stretch: I don't make Yard Birds, but I sell them online on behalf of the artist. He's a retired tool and machine-repair man, and he usually makes one big batch of Yard Birds in late winter and early spring to sell at a local arts festival. The rest go into his shed until next year.

From time-to-time I photograph what's in his shed and post the Yard Birds for sale at The list there is getting thin and I fear many of the Yard Birds shown have been sold, so I plan to have a photo session and update the page immediately after Thanksgiving.

Each Yard Bird is a one-of-a-kind creation, made from old garden tools. Some include broken or rusted parts, but all are hand-welded and hand-painted with automobile paint.

I have some handknit garden gnomes, and kits to knit your own! Http://

I have 8 x10 photographic prints of roses, magnolias and other flowers available through my online store, A Passion for Flowers...

Hand ploughs, crack weeders, diamond hoes, root saws, dibbles, ball weeders, finger hoes, bulb lifters and weeding forks are just a few of the garden tools I make by hand. I'm a blacksmith and make more than 250 garden tools, long and short. They're made the old fashioned way with fire, anvil hammer and lots of sweat. My warranty is simple--they're guaranteed to work for my lifetime or yours, whichever ends first. You can find about 50 of them on my website,

Bob Denman

My name is Joe Papendick and I make handcrafted welded steel bird feeders in St. Louis, Missouri.

I have always enjoyed seeing the mason jars full of the past year's harvest. So now I've created a Vintage Canning Jar exterior light to shine on your porch or patio.

Jann Richardson

While I don't have an etsy site yet I made concrete leaves mainly out of hosta's but other plants as well. I use a variety of colorants for the leaves. I leave them out year round in my Wisconsin climate. I also made glass flowers for garden art. I can email photos if interested. [email protected].

I make handmade soap! My gardener's/mechanic's soap is made with pumice and coffee grounds and smells like heaven. Whole array of soaps made with all natural ingredients and essential oils. Our website is:

please fill free to use photos, etc. Thanks for sharing the love. Happy and Blessed Thanksgiving


if paintings with a vegetable theme appeal, then I have a cornicopia of seasonal-food-inspired original, affordable art.
Official Art Store:
Quick overview of all the art:

Hi there,
My best sellers this time of year are subscriptions to my Organic Seed of the Month Club:
and my Colourful Carrot Collection:

Lots of people are telling me they are including seeds in their christmas cards or in place of gift tags.

Alright, already! Thanks for the little kick in the rear, Amy. My DH has been bugging me for weeks to get my Etsy shop up and running... I guess that is the best way to put in a plug for myself, so here goes:
Hope ya'll like these flowers and towers!

Hello Amy,
And thank you for the opportunity. I have an Etsy shop where I sell photography.
I have a few prints for gardeners. This one for example
Please come for a visit. :)
Happy Thanksgiving !

I use Zazzle to showcase my photography on different items. There are lots of flowers, nature and architecture options available. Please come on by and check them out!

We make smart, bold, Latino-inspired clothing and paper goods.

Here is our hand-printed super cute organic peas T:


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