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Personally, the best reason to visit North Carolina is getting to see Christopher's vegetable garden. Cannot wait!

Oh Lord, the vegetable garden. I sure hope I have time to get to that Michele. Just kidding. I have mountainous piles of farm yard dung composting now that I will be adding next spring in addition to my wood chip mulch for the best roadside vegetable garden ever. Keep in mind though May 18th is only 3 days past our average annual last frost date. The summer crops will only be tiny babies.

Amy as requested, thank you, there is a grab the badge for the Asheville Fling on the Fling's blog now. I hear tell that the debut of a Wicked Plants traveling exhibit will be at the NC Arboretum when the bloggers are in town to visit. How cool is that? We could not have planned it better.

Indeed I am not doing this alone. The planning team is awesome and has great local connections on a multitude of levels. The bloggers will get the full taste of Asheville well beyond our rich horticultural offerings.

Asheville recently received the great distinction of being named a Cesspool of Sin. Dive on in y'all.

I wouldn't miss it!

I have not attended the Garden Bloggers event in the past. Hope to be there this time. Thanks for the early notice. Makes planning a lot easier.

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