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Homemade grenadine syrup. Amazing. I had no idea it was made from pomegranates. I love slow food (as opposed to fast food), so thanks for making the post.

Imbibe is fabulous.

You could always take the seeds (I forget the real name for them) and cook them gently as you would to extract juice for jelly. Strain through cheesecloth.

We use the Metrokane Citrus Power Juicer that we bought a few years ago at Sur la Table. It's the manual kind with a pull down lever and it works perfectly. Unfortunately, this year we have only two pomegranates from our tree!

My brother uses a steam juicer to make grape juice from Concord grapes. I think it might be ideal for pomegranates also.

I would think a food mill would have the same effect as the citrus juicer- just faster 'cause you can do more at a time. I use my food mill for everything when the garden comes in...

I always just eat the seeds over cottage cheese for breakfast--never figured out how to juice them!

Ok, you convinced me and I gave it a go :) I have to say Pomegranate with Vodka is very nice.

My father freezes pomegranates so he can have them when they are out of season. Personally I feel like they are too much work.

I use the same electric juicer I use for veggie juice - then take the leftover pulp and put it through my Grandmothers cone sieve (Chinois?) to get every last drop. I do not strain or filter the juice. The best Cosmos ever!

Miss Manners once wrote that the only place you could juice a pomegranate was in the bathtub.

Apparently, you can place the seeds in a blender, pulse, and then strain through a fine cheesecloth overnight.

I have been passing that beautiful jar for days now and thinking, "Yum." I have to try this!

i grew up eating pomegranates from our trees and helping my mother make pomegranate jelly. She used, and i continue to use, the "vintage" cast aluminum Wearever juicer. Any other type of juicer either makes you work too hard (spend hours removing all the seeds from the horrible awful pith) or bruises that yellow pith too much, imparting the awful horribleness to the juice.

All you have to do with the Wearever is cut the pomegranate in half or quarters, place in juicer and press...hard. Then, Pour the juice into a glass or stainless vessel.

Williams Sonoma "brought back" this classic a couple of years ago...but i don't see it on their website now. Type "Wearever juicer" into the search box on Ebay and lots of them come up. For a lot less than any fancy new gizmo.

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