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Just before I read this post, I was reading a beautifully-written essay titled "The Thankful Gardener, published in Shelbyco Magazine by a fellow blogger in Alabama. The magazine article is at
and it was written by "Rev" of Red Dirt Roses at

(not trying to be promotional, just acknowledging the beautiful writing of another blogger.) the URL address right, but it's not Red Dirt Roses, but "The RedNeck Rosarian" who wrote the piece.

I am very thankful for Cornell Cooperative extension and extension services in general.
They are invaluable sources of current gardening information.
Also, the blogs:
Garden Rant
Garden Professors
Greensparrow Gardens
and The Scientist Gardener

I'm thankful for two garden seasons, too ! And to live in an area where if I cannot grow it or produce it myself, there are lots of small farmers & growers a stone's throw away who can & do. I'm also grateful for neighbors who, while not gardeners themselves, always help with basic yard chores that I tend to ignore - it's amazing how shaggy-looking the lawn gets while I'm working on the "important" parts of the yard! I'm especially grateful for gardening friends who share their bounty & stories & ideas & advice & are just as willing to let me share mine.

I am thankful for GardenRant keeping it real!

Lu and Autumn, I'm grateful to YOU. Feedback like that goes a long way - I sure don't do this for the money (ha!)

I'm thankful for fellow gardeners, who give me so much to enjoy as I walk past their gardens. And if they're out in the garden when I walk by are always happy to talk plants and share cuttings!

I'm not a gardener, but I love to read about gardening and my husband gardens. But I am thankful that he likes to sit with me and show me seed catalogues so I feel involved. I'm also thankful that he seperates one pot each growing season for our daughter. 3 years old and she gets to garden with her Daddy as father/daughter time.

I'm very thankful for:

1. The ability to garden--having a place to garden, the physical ability, and the how-to knowledge.
2. Gardeners who have inspired me, with their gardens' beauty and abundance, to get into this.
3. Community Gardens
4. Heirloom and organically-grown seeds (not limited to USDA certified).
5. The booming national appreciation of and interest in growing our own food.
6. Good growing weather (when we get it).
7. Wonderful garden writing, in print and online.
8. Teachers of gardening (through extension offices or local classes).
9. Manure! (ha)
10. My daughters helping in the garden.

I am thankful--or maybe grateful is a better term, since I don't NEED these, I just enjoy them!--for warm late-fall days when I can get out and putter around the garden in complete defiance of the bit where it's mid-November.

I am also very thankful for my local botantical garden that has all the obscure native plants that give me a demented thrill.

I am thankful that my husband does not point out the sums of money I have spend over the years on plants, garden tools, books, magazines and other garden items. I am sure we would have been able to retire early without some of these purchases but our lives would be less full without some of these purchases.

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