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Boo hoo. It's cold out. Put on some long underwear, several top layers and get out there and get that mess cleaned up.

Nice to see a humorous touch to the gardener instead of the "Your garden sucks" topics that take up so much of this blog


I would rather clean up my garden in the cold than change diapers any day!
Great piece!

Dogs are creatures of habit. You might want to train yours to go somewhere else, so that he doesn't feel like he "owns" your veggie garden next year.

We had a Labrador who discovered that our veggie garden was a great place to bury his bones (nice soft, easily-dug soil); it took him years (and a few destroyed plants) to be cured of the habit, and even now, several years after his passing, I find the occasional bone. Probably good for the soil, but still.

My wife and I have had vegetable garden for a few years and I always get a little saddened when the growing part is over for a few months but...

... then there's planning and preparing things for next season and you're just hoping the weather will hold off for just another day or so.

We have had a great fall. I even had engough time to double the size of our veggie garden. It did get a bit chilly a few days but now that doesn't need to be done next spring.

And through the winter I look out my office window into my back yard and dream of what's to come.

The garden will wait while that little one requires your focused attention. Gardens are patient...and just think of all the wonderful things you can teach that little one in a year or two out there in that garden!

Loved your comments. I found the whole piece easy to read. Keep up the good work. Come back and rant some more.

Thank you all for your thoughts and kind words.

Yes, I am a weenie when it comes to the cold. But, as Leslie noted, "gardens are patient." Raising my child is priority numero uno. I keep trying to tell that to the brambles and weeds, but they don't seem to notice.

As for the pooches...
We worked it out. I give them each a dollar when they don't go in the garden. Mabel has already saved enough for a downpayment on a new doghouse, and Milo is looking into college this spring :)

Perhaps this will give you some encouragement Robert. Amazing what long underwear and several top layers can accomplish.

I checked your site was encouraging. Too bad I don't wear underwear. No, really though, your garden and house look great. I wish I had that motivation.

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