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I had a banana in the house way back in another lifetime when I lived in the penthouse suite of the Alpert building in downtown Ft. Collins, Colorado.

I need the strong colours in the winter. Don't be subtle! I need them in the spring too when things are waking up. In the summer give me blues, greens, whites and soft pinks.

I love the bright green and tropical foliage in this picture--I'll take that over a christmas tree any day!

Beautiful photos!

No matter how bad the economy, merchants need new colors to make their products appear fresh. That assault in our sensibilities will always be with us.

of course we need bright colours in winter ! It is so dull outside, not even a few centimeters od snow to swoosh us to Xmas ...

Agree that the annual Pantone color announcements don't impact the gardening world much. Hybridizing plants to attain a particular bloom color is not yet as easy as mixing paint. Still, I do love Tangerine Tango. Dangerously close to orange, perhaps, but a dash enough of yellow and red to give it a lovely warmth.

A few nurseries will run with plants next year that approximate the hue; can't think of any offhand, but they're there. Mixed with blue and yellow blooms, a tangerine-ish flower should rock. Mix it with red, you'll puke faster than eating a melting Hershey bar with a room-temperature glass of red wine.


Love, love, love 'Prinses Irene' and grew them out front one year with 'Purple Prince' tulips. It was loud and proud, but beautiful too. I'm all for whatever makes a gardener happy colorwise in his or her space. Happy Christmas!

These are really really beautiful!!!

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