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hands up for the bird feeder...

Right on Amy!
I wrote a similar post
Before running off to the mall to load up on foriegn-made gifts or jumping on your computer to order from a large on-line retailer, check out your local retailer! Giant Asian factories have provided Americans with monstrous piles of cheaply-produced goods — merchandise that has been produced at the expense of American labor — and sold in monstrous stores like Walmart that continue to devour local stores and shopkeepers.

Start a new tradition, buy local.
Give gifts that will help your fellow Americans!
Help create a movement of caring about each other
Buy locally-grown produce and foods at farm stands instead of supermarkets, where the food travels from overseas.
While shopping, patronize local restaurants instead of corporate chains.

The Etsy-selling botanical cards person is a friend of mine, Roxanne. And Siobhan, from Florida, who commented above is my old boss. This internet is getting way to small.

Sensational ideas. I truly love the wine-bottle torches - if only I could keep my son from playing basketball on the patio...

Some really creative and wonderful items!

I know I'm coming into this at the very last minute and too late to be included....but I do have a wonderful self published 2012 Tomato Growing Guide and Calendar - advertised on this page. It tells you what to do in your tomato garden each month so it's much more than a calendar. I hope you'll click on the link and check it out. Thanks!

Hi Amy - & Jim! Thanks for including my cards in your list! And thank you for highlighting great handmade items. The concrete "vessels" are amazing. And I have to get that bird feeder - wow, that is really cool!

Thanks so much for including Garden Therapy Handmade. So wonderful to be included with talented artists. I do hope that people support handmade this holiday, the world is a beautiful place when surrounded by art!

Wonderful line up of Hand Made artisan wares Perfect for anyone on you gift giving list!

Handmade gifts are the most fun gifts to give to a loved one. It means something much more than just buying a gift card or a day spa package.

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