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This is the second post I've read about potato seeds in a week. The idea must be gaining momentum. Thanks for the TPS link!

Thanks so much Michele!

You managed to put a telephone interview into a very readable Q&A. Hope we were able to change some minds about the excitement TPS can bring into just about any gardener's experience.

BTW...if anyone here orders from ....just mentioned you read about it here first and I'll throw in a sample of a very special hybrid TPS I made...far too few to offer online.

Tom Wagner

Thank you for the interesting article. I am happy to see the Mr. Wagner is the first to comment as this gives me hope that he will be checking back in. He mentenioned that "glycoalkaloids are easy to detect--they make the potato bitter". If I am not all that confident in my tastebuds what are my risks? Is there another way to check for harmful levels of glycoalkaloids?

Being able to grow from seed has amazing value. Thank you Mr. Wagner for your work and Michele for bringing the information to us.

Great post - Tom did a potato workshop in Oxford, UK a couple of years ago. It was a revelation :)

I have been trying to find true potato seed and have failed in my quest. Do anyone know where I can get seed to get started. I saved some from certified seed potatoes and they wold not make. I made a flop. I would like to get enough to plant 50 - 60 hills That would give me a row through my garden. Please let me know.
Charlie H. Barrett

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