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How can i get a copy?


Here's a message from Evelyn about how to get the book:
The book is going to publish in a couple of weeks, but you can pre-order it now from any online bookseller or from your local bookstore. (The Amazon page currently has a glitch, but I've notified them and it should be fixed in a couple days at most.)

You can also support Timber Press by ordering it directly from them at this page:

What are the alternatives for a zone 5, no mow lawn that kids can play on that won't get full of ticks?

I will order my three copies from Timber Press since I want to support that great publisher. Three copies, you say? Yes, because MY garden is in the book. Can't wait.

Just a quick update that the Amazon glitch is now gone... pre-ordering the book is allowed once again. And Marte, your garden is lovely and I'm proud to share your great idea of mini-monocultures in the book!

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