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I am slowly removing lawn without my husband's consent. Obviously he hasn't noticed it too much.... Haha

I would love this book!

I live in Denver where we don't get much run, so up keep of a lawn is difficult. I have tried seeding, over seeding and watering but it's to much. I want some ideas for a grass-less lawn and could use all the help I can get.


I live on a corner lot one block from an elementary school. Not only do I not want to take care of a traditional lawn in my front yard, but I've been hoping that putting in some kind of lawn alternative will help with some of the kids cutting across my yard all the time. (Yes, I'm that "You kids stay the &$#* off my lawn!" lady!)

I, too, would love this book! I'm down to less than 10% grass since we moved in 10 years ago. Still challenged by what to plant instead.... Lots of shade and roots.

We have no lawn at the new place that we purchased last year ... so, instead of seeding the yard, I am still looking for alternatives for at least a large segment of the yard.


I'm working to change just a few square feet of lawn to something else each year -- first, some shade gardens; this year, expanded veggie gardens blended into the landscape. Very rewarding!

All the lawn that I want is a place for the dog to play ... other than that, we will have fruit, veggies, herbs, and flowers!

I need help in this area. I truly want to take out the lawn, but haven't found something that will work for me. Been thinking about it for years and still can't find the right answer.

Please send me this book! I have a large shady area under trees that I don't know what to do with since grass won't grow! Help!

I am dead between excited/scared to do this on my own corner lot, one block from school. The book looks great, and I'm just excited to have found Evelyn as another resource.

Wow, what a beautiful book cover, Susan! And what a tribute to your grading style.

Beautiful book! We would put it to good use. We are currently de-grassing our front yard and need some new ideas for grass substitutes.

I would LOVE a copy of this book, my whole yard needs a makeover!

Love the concept of this book and think a no mow solution is just what we need in the backyard.

My next-door neighbors would love us if we went grass-free; they did it when they moved in a few years ago.

Much needed subject matter. We need to get the word out.

This would be so helpful! Our front yard is on our spring to-do list.

I'd love to read this book -- espiecally about putting a rain garden in my front yard!

I am in the process of removing my lawn. I've been accumulating plants ( cuttings, seeds, free stuff from craig's list) for 6 months now. This book would be so useful to me!

I'm slowly transitioning my front yard to be many garden beds with perhaps just some lawn paths in between. I would love to get some more ideas from this book!

So glad to see a book with photographs to share alternatives to traditional lawns. So many folks are simply scared of the changes this would cause. I'm really looking forward to showing off that no-mow yards can be beautiful, not scary!

the idea of ​​reducing energy inputs is great, the idea of greater naturalness is also excellent, how can I buy the book?

Mario, Italy

I always need new ideas for my front yard. I would love to have this book

Does it differentiate among, say, Vermont and the Bay Area of California and the desert and ... It is wild but they do have lawns in the desert. See also "Reimagining the California Lawn" by Carol Bornstein, David Fross and Bart O'Brien and review in LA Times, You probably reviewed it on Garden Rant ... it's very good for, well, people in California.

I removed all lawn in my back garden when I bought the house, replacing a giant square of turf with layered beds and gravel paths. But my front, oh my front: I just haven't found the right plant ideas to transform the front lawn patches into something divine. Seeking inspiration!

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