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I volunteer w/ my county extension office and am trying to develope a program for the public about this very subject. Our area is drought AND flood prone and growing grass is frustrating for everyone. This is a resource that would be very valuable in educating the public that there ARE alternatives out there!

Count me in! I would love to add this book to my collection. We're slowly dwindling down the amount of lawn on our property and could use new ideas!

Any advice in the book on how to kill the lawn while not harming newly planted trees?

Oh, our backyard. The previous owners removed all the plants and put in sod. Our backyard consists of tiered slopes, with each tier being about 10-20' wide and 60' long, with either a wall or a slope in between them. SO MUCH SOD. What's even better is that the sod was put in the backyard in March, we closed in May. So this winter is the first winter with the sod... the slimy, mucky, NO DRAINAGE, no planning sod. We're slowly tearing it out and replacing it with better landscaping.

I need a book like this! My lawn looks awful with all the dry shade and roots, and I hate mowing. The grass doesn't come up with all the maple roots, either. Help!

I have slowly been reducing my lawn and replacing it with natives and fruit shrubs and vines[ mainly natives]

I've eliminated both front and back lawns and could use the book to fill in some of the new space I have!

I would love this book. My issue with removing lawn will be staying within the boundaries of my various HOA rules... This book would be an amazing resource. Thanks for the opportunity!

I just bought a 50 lb bag of fine fescue to plant on a steep hillside in Wisconsin... I could sure use some help as I have no idea how I am going to kill the crown vetch that is strangling it now.

I would love this book! My husband and tried to and were somewhat successful at our first attempt in the back yard. Now it's time to focus on the front yard which is almost all grass!

My motto regarding the lawn is to kill it. growing something else is the way to go.

I have the opposite problem from Kate. Replaced front lawn with native plants and hardscaping, and some in the back with a patio and meditation garden, but left some lawn in the back for the dogs. But the grass is not doing so well and I need different options like carex but something that will still hold up to the dogs.

I have lived at our home 35 years next month, The past 2 years have decided to take steps back into gardening, one HUGE step after another. About a month ago I found and it has become a daily read for me and ALWAYS brings a smile to my face, espically living in Michigan during winter months (not that we could say we have had much of the usual winter weather). THANK YOU!!!! Gerry

Lawn seems to be the easy answer for landscaping, which is why it so prevalent. This book looks great.

I'm in the early stages of replacing mine with an olive grove and native grasses underneath.

I'm game for a giveaway book, as always. It's good to see what folk are doing elsewhere.

I think this will be a brilliant book for when I get my house and land, simply so I can replace the grass with things that my dairy cow and chickens will eat.

Any idea if it'll become available on Kindle?

Would love to lose the high-maintenance lawn (and I'm not even the maintain-er !) but hubby is heck-bent on keeping it so we look like the rest of our suburban neighbors. Sigh. Maybe I should slip this book into his reading pile & let him "come up with the idea" to go turf-less on his own.

Oh, I've had this book on my wishlist for a while! The husband and I were just talking about lawn alternatives today. What great timing!

We just moved into our home last year. I am slowly taking out grass and installing my gardens. My husband said I could have the entire area of (currently) yard between the sidewalk and the house. I would love to have beautiful vegetables there, but need more info. Thanks for offering this.

I'd love this book. I have plans... PLANS! for our gravel-covered front lawn.

When we moved into our new house 4 years ago it had no lawn or landscaping done at all. Not having the money after putting the life savings on a down payment, we opted to seed sheep's fescue (a thin fescue recommended by local gardening gurus) for $20 to keep the mud under control. It was the best choice we ever made. I mow it once a year(?) only if the seed heads look a little shaggy. But its not doing supper in the hottest part of the yard, so I need to come up with an alternative to over seed that area. I'm thinking clover but would love a resource like this book to see what else there is!

I'd love to learn more about this! Less mowing (maybe someday no mowing!!) = more time playing and lounging in the yard!

This is the book I need to reclaim the yard in front of my house! Please enter me...

This book will jump to the top of my "must have" list if it includes information for the Northwest gardener. So many things that are recommended in other books just don't work well here.

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