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I Would love to have this book! I am lucky to have 1/3 acre...but am so done with the watering (dragging the hose across the yard) and the mowing and the weeding. A few veggie beds have taken up some of the yard but I need inspiration for the rest!

Where did the lawn go?
Let me count the ways
North, South, East, West
Replaced by groundcovers
I love the best.

Microbiota, carex large and small
Japanese grasses, “Homefires” plox,
Gotta love them all!

Two front yard maples gone
(the grass never grew)
Nor anything else, so what’s new?
Replaced by special shrubs that glow,
Coppertina, fothergilla and rhus “Low Grow”

Part 2
Confession: there remains an oval of grass,
(too weedy to be called turf)
Brightened by dandelions, coarsened by weeds,
Graced by white clover that pleases my bees

Gave up the gas mower, got a Neuton
Damn, is that battery already gone?
Still love my green patch
That sets off the blossoms ,
Cools my toes , but needs no hose
Envy me, for this is Boston

Winning this book would affirm my goal
And what’s been accomplished,
But…. be not proud my soul!

For though I yearn for recognition,
When the mower dies, I’m still bitchin’
Lord, help me reduce my greensward strife
Warning grass! Here comes the knife!

We have been gradually replacing the grass in our yard with mostly native plants and paths. And we bought a Fiskars manual reel mower last year to keep the remaining grass under control. We are always looking for ideas for replacing the remaining grass.

Sob story: The Sycamore on the sidewalk in front of my house crushed the clay sewage pipe going into my house, flooding the basement with about 6 inches of...manure. Yard has been excavated...twenty years of gardening gone. My beautifully nurtured soil is now buried under rubble. Time to begin again. Did I win? If not, i am buying this book!

Where can we buy this book? Amazon has it listed from Apex books at $999.99!!!

Sally, thanks for asking!

The book is going to publish in a couple of weeks, but you can pre-order it now from any online bookseller or from your local bookstore. (The Amazon page currently has a glitch, but I've notified them and it should be fixed in a couple days at most.)

You can also support Timber Press by ordering it directly from them at this page:

We'll be moving soon, and will be getting rid of most of the lawn in the new place (it will have a permaculture forest garden instead). We'll still need a bit of lawn for our dogs to play on though, so we're looking into alternatives. Preferably a grass that's low water, and a bit tougher than the usual variety that they tend to rip to shreds.

My lawn is an eye sore and I need to replace it with a new lawn or..........

I need ideas!

I'd love this book! I have several gardens but a lot more grass to move out! This book will give me more ideas on what to do. So far we're also working on de-grassing the ditch out front where our rose garden is. We plan on putting in low growing clovers, birdsfoot trefoil and other natural flowers as well as planting some squil. But we also have lots of work to do in the front of our large property.We've already expanded the two cottage gardens, but it's a large area.

For Sally and others who may have tried to order through Amazon: their glitch is now fixed, pre-ordering works. Hope you will enjoy the book!

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