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I live in the Chico area and it is so hot in the summer. Would love to see more people without those large water sucking lawns!

I finished killing my lawn about 15 years ago, replaced by gravel sitting area, paver paths and native plant areas. Ironically, I now wish I had a good-sized stretch of -- well, not 'lawn', so much as grass -- to serve as 'pasture' to my small flock of chickens. That being said, I could really use this book, since some of that original landscaping is looking pretty crummy and needs a complete redo.

Also, kudos on the beautiful (ex-) garden, Susan.

My parents have 2 acres of land and most of it is lawn. My father is in denial that lawn is stupid. How many hours does he spend mowing 2 acres? How much gas is wasted? How much money is spent on Weed 'n Feed?

He needs this book. Hopefully the local library will purchase it.

It seems there are many of us with the will but not the way to accomplish the changeover from traditional grass to the wonders of nature. Thanks for suggesting this book.

Looking forward to this book!

There were five acres of lawn when we bought this property in the midst of a 12-acre wood. We're down to an acre of lawn, but this last part is the hardest. I'd be grateful for help and inspiration.

My husband and I did some hardscape remodel in the front of our house, and he insisted on having turf put in. It looks nice, but I wanted something more dramatic. This book looks like it would give both of us some inspiration.

I enjoy the look of a lawn free front yard. At first, people saw them as an eyesore, but with people realizing the advantages, they are literally taking over! It makes me very happy to see this emerging beyond a "trend" and into the norm.

What a wonderful idea for a book! I have spent some time recently hunting around for grass alternatives online for my backyard. My only issue is making part of my lawn-free garden dog friendly. I bet Evelyn's book has good ideas for such a situation!

You're right, changing from lawn is not easy. I'd love a copy of this book.

Apparently that there are 80,000 hospitalizations per year due to mower accidents. Many of these are children. That seems a good enough reason to get rid of the lawn! Looking forward to seeing the ideas in this book.

Every So Cal homeowner needs this book.

Slowly removing San Augustine grass from my Texas yard (it makes me furious to water grass with our precious limited supply of water especially after last summer). But, what to do when your property slopes toward your house and there is nothing to slow erosion down? Looking for solutions!

there is road work proposed where I live and I hope once they have torn away a portion of my front lawn that I can replace it with a garden... always a silver lining to be found...!!

Removed the so-called lawn here ages ago when I first started the garden outside my NY apartment. It was a few straggly patches of grass vying with long tendrils of ivy. Never looked back and never missed that lawn. (Did like the old push mower the previous occupant left behind, though.) Besides, while there's a place for the focused use of some flat green in some places, there are millions of more interesting plants than grass to cram in this small garden instead!

There is no better feeling than ripping out some turf each year to expand our planting beds!

I killed the last of my lawn three years ago and the garden looks pretty good, but not yet beautiful. I'd love this book to help me make it so!

I followed all the steps to install a low mow lawn in one part of my front yard -- next growing season, the new lawn was 97 percent white clover. After getting compliments from visitors and "how did you do it?" I decided to leave it in place. I would love to have this book!

Love this, I've toyed with PAVING my lawn or doing something with groundcovers. The only thing that has stopped me is how I could control the groundcovers from going into my neighbors yards! S0- do they make green asphalt?!?

I need to replace my front lawn with something pretty and easy to maintain, it's all dead and starting to get covered in weeds :(

My lawn gets smaller every year as it is replaced by raised beds.Would love to read this book for more ideas.

I would love to own this book and if I don't win, I will definitely buy. I have asked Timber Press to let me know when this will be available. I have removed all lawns on my So. Ca. property and I need more advice. I created a meadow in my front and it was way to messy. I am getting professional advice on doing it differently but really want more ideas for other places on my property.

Thanks for all the info on these great books!

I love the idea of not just removing lawn, but replacing it with something varied and beautiful.

Looking for some design ideas. This book looks like it might have some good ones!

We have eight acres and have never had any kind of a lawn. I use a selection of evergreen ground covers (e.g. arctostapylos, juniperus, grevillia, etc) to provide 'negative space' and the kind of foil that turf grass usually provides for ornamentals.

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