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I hadn't heard about any of this. Thank you for sharing.

Scotts is also soon to release a GMO grass seed that is RoundUp resistant. Super weeds? Spray until you drop?

Excellent synopsis and links to the stories that discuss the issues with this match made in hell.

At my blog, I've suggested that people take their donation dollars to local environemental causes where you can see results in your own community.

And please people, look at the ingredients panels on Scott's bird seed (copies available at their website) and decide if it really is a good thing to "Save the Songbirds".

Hey Susan, fabulous post - unfortunately someone hijacked it and now posted the whole thing on their own website. You can find it here:

I only know because I was asked to moderate the pingback on Wildlife Garden post of "Should the sign come down.

A suggestion to those who display the NWF CERTIFIED WILDLIFE HABITAT sign in their gardens: alter that sign to show your anger! I've tweeted that suggestion, and also put it on the NWF Facebook page.

THanks for letting me know about the copyright violation, Kathy. Legit bloggers have to stick together.

Susan, thanks for doing this round up.

It's not only outrageous that organizations like NWF and GWA get into bed with Scotts, it's also just plain stupid. They lose more than they gain by the association.

Were I more ambitious and not under a deadline at the moment, I'd see if Cafepress or Redbubble couldn't do a weather-resistant sticker about the size of the NWF logo on the Habitat signs, saying "LAWN CHEM FREE" or something similar...

This whole thing just makes me feel sick.

Wow, this is a great summary of all the buzz on this topic. Thanks so much!

What a great blog, and great rants. Thanks for helping organize all these reactions. I plan on posting an article on this on my own blog, hopefully today.

NWF has now plotted their own demise, while thinking they are funding their future.

Keep it up!

Wow, brilliant summary!! Thanks for keeping us so informed. If you don't mind, I would love to link this wonderful article to today's post. Cheers Julia

And there is a petition now to sign...thx for keeping the message going...

On the subject of signing a petition, I say why bother? IS this really the organization we want to support, knowing what we now know?

I removed the Certified Wildlife Habitat sign (with link to the NWF website) from my blog's sidebar. Am now being trained -in conjunction with my Master Gardener program and Northern VA Audubon-- as an Audubon Ambassador. Will have my yard certified as an Audubon at Home Backyard Sanctuary, and as an Ambassador, will teach others to garden for wildlife using native plants, etc., and chemical-free. As far as I know Audubon isn't taking $$ from the chemical companies (yet) (I did learn at a meeting last night that they share office space with NWF). I'm just so confused about NWF's choice of partners in Scott's and don't feel 'proud' to show my certification with them any more.

You have to wonder how WWF decided to partner with a chemical company that is so loathed by their constituents and has helped fund politicians and lobby groups that are completely counter to the WWF mission... did they even bother to look at who Scott's and it's high paid upper management make political donations to? I guess getting bought off for a bit of greenwashing is worth partnering with an organization that is causing environmental havoc and helped put in place the politicians that are gutting the Endangered Species Act and are targeting the Clean Water Act. Great job on vetting your new trade partner!

Nice Summary. This is the first I've heard of this. Definitely leaves me scratching my head. Keep it up!

If you would like to tell Scotts what you think about them working with the National Wildlife Federation, here's the link. IMHO: my already low view of Scotts has sunk further.

I second telling EVERYONE to support Wild Ones: Native Plants, Natural Landscapes.

Bravo! Beautifully stated and a splendid synopsis! I have no room for Scotts, they have bought the shelves of the consumer market just like Monsanto and Big Ag have done... There is no excuse for NWF and this partnership they have formed with Scotts!

However we do hold the power! And we all need to exercise it by purchasing from Independent Companies selling organic and natural products and support organizations that will use Independent companies to fund raise with etc. It's a step in the right direction...

My husband sent me a link to this post. I don't think he realizes I already read this blog when I get a chance. (I don't keep up with any of the blogs I like. I get so far behind.)

I am very disappointed, too. I am a monarch waystation, but am not a certified by the NWF. What they did shows they are a business and not an organization that cares about the environment.

Would have to say I agree with the outrage. Nothing more hypocritical than taking money from the enemy just because your greedy for green backs


Hmm, looks like I won't be renewing my niece's subscription to Ranger Rick. Does anyone have suggestions of similar kids' magazines I could subscribe to instead?

NatGeo has a "Kids" and a "Little Kids" magazine.

I will follow your lead on this one and damn, my sign is frozen in the ground...

Thanks for being on top of this!

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