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Wow... the hits keep piling on. Glad i skipped over this batch last time i went into the store

This is so disappointing.

Call me crazy, but I will bet you a nickel that Scotts knew this was coming and rushed to greenwash to try and ameliorate some of the PR blow of killing songbirds.

I would suggest that repeated but politely worded (so they can't be pulled) calls for NWF comment on their new partner might be in order...

You're a litle behind on the news. This was reported back in 2008 when birds were dying from Morning Star seed:

Actually the lying to the EPA was not about the selling of bird seed they knew perfectly well was laced with poison. It was about other chemical products. It just seems to have been bundled in the same court case.

You could say the NWF just shot itself in the foot, but it is more realistic to say they just stepped on a land mine. I think they're toast.

Nina, this $4.5 m fine was just announced today. It's the first link in this post.

Also, Scott's is linked to the giant Monsanto (from Scott's website: "The Company's principal consumer brands in North America are Scotts®, Miracle-Gro®, and Ortho®. In addition, Scotts is Monsanto's exclusive agent for the marketing and distribution of consumer Roundup®.

Our International consumer brands include Miracle-Gro®, Evergreen®, Fertiligene®, Celaflor®, KB®, Substral®, Weedol® and Pathclear®. In addition, Scotts is Monsanto's exclusive agent for the international marketing and distribution of consumer Roundup®. ")


Given what Monsanto has done in the last 60 years (pollution of major water sources, poor post-production practices that lead to acid rain, as well as lying, deception, weaselling (no offense to the weasel meant), strong-arming competition and opponents (Whole Foods and a few others caved in to demands they cease their opposition to GM foods (caveat: I'm a bit shaky on the details), and the like), huge political contributions coming this year due to the Citizens United ruling--I think the Oil, Gas & Coal companies and ChemAgras listened to the same shady advisor--I wouldn't trust them or anyone with whom they associate to do anything vaguely resembling "the right thing".

Thank you again for sharing with us. I won't be renewing Our Big Backyard subscription again.

Tragic for the birds, for all those who admired the NWF (myself included), and everyone else who has been duped along the way. And it's a damn shame that we have to worry about buying safe bird seed too!

Thanks for reporting on this, Garden Rant.

Wow I agree with you ladies twice in one week?

"Demonstrated Progress. We aren't interested in greenwashing and neither is Scotts. So we took a close look at Scotts' business practices and found a company making strides to develop alternatives to harmful chemicals and investing in cleaner, more organically based products."

How can THAT be in their defense statement?????????????? A-holes.

How many folks have tried Wild Birds Unlimited for bird feeding supplies? They have a great selection of high quality stuff. Maybe not the cheapest, but the folks who work there are really into birds and know more than enough to answer questions and give advice. And there's no danger of buying poisoned bird seed.

If you follow the link above, it now ststes there will be no partnership!

So much for defending. Humph

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