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What a fascinating turn of events, thank you for your well worded article on the subject Amy! I may be a plant science aficionado but I'm also a botany student who is frequently frustrated by having to memorize latin names. This is a reminder of why they are important :)

Oh, how silly. Thanks for the heads up!

Mexico can't get a handle on the drugs (and the related crime) that move through their country, so now they are trying to legislate alcohol labeling? Good luck with that!

Signed it. Ridiculousity.

Yucca is an aguave that can be used to make tequila? You mean there is a use for this plant that I always thinks looks so silly in the midwest (kinda like a lawn looks silly in the sw)

Agree w/Rachelle Towne. A petition will go about as far as a lead balloon in Mexico. America needs to wake up to the fact that digital activism doesn't mean squat to most of the rest of the world.

Actually, Mexico has very good, sane regulations on the labeling of spirits already. Not everything in Mexico is chaos and crime. And the tequila industry, which is advocating for this change, cares very much about what Americans think, because we buy almost all the tequila they produce. Most of the people signing this petition are bartenders, restaurant owners, and other people in a position to buy very large quantities of tequila, and I think that will make a difference.

will happily sign, hope some good comes from this.

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