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Thank you Elizabeth.

I can vouch for the mountaintop garden being a startling spot in the midst on indescribable wild beauty. Asheville is simply amazing. Do not miss this opportunity to experience it as the locals do!


ps, thanks for those kind words, Christopher, but you have done all the heavy lifting on this event. I look forward to the dancing, too.

I can't tell you how relieved I am that you have asked the most pertinent questions...I leave it to you to figure out which. Can't wait for this event. Fling is always an adventure. Kudos to the Fling 2012 team. As this event grows there is always more to consider making it a greater challenge. Thanks to all involved for taking on the technicalities and planning of this event.

"Is there a bar?" Ha, right down to business! Great interview with Christopher, our man of the hour. Can't wait to attend the Fling and see Asheville again!

Green thumbs up! The Flings I've had the honour to have flung have been the best garden parties in town.

Can't wait!

Great city and excellent beer! I know it well since my family is from the area and my mother now owns the old home place that my grandfather built. Maybe I will take the challenge and start to garden it once my mom moves into it.

I know this will be fabulous and can't wait to attend yet another Garden Bloggers' Fling! Thank you, 2012 Asheville Fling Committee, for all your hard work! See you in May!

Never been to Asheville? It's a slice of heaven on a plateau in the Smoky Mountains; a walkable downtown full of Art Deco architecture, great restaurants, brew pubs, and my favorite bookstore. Christopher and the committee have sifted through the lush gardens of Asheville and come up with the choicest picks.

Oh to be on the mountain tops again, gardening and walking the woodside. I envy your gardening party. Beautiful pictures, almost english garden looking.

I love your Blog!! New Fan. I wish I lived close enough to go to this.

I can't make it, but if you are mulling it over, don't wait, go! Asheville is one of the most liveable small cities in the country with lots of good food choices, it's funky, it's hip, it's fun and it has its own castle too. Plus you will be in good hands.

Yes there is that castle we will be seeing placed quite nicely on the grounds of an Olmsted designed garden.

But hey, there are castles all over the place and only one wild cultivated garden. Elizabeth said I could only pick one thing to entice people with.

Please come visit. Asheville is quietly proud of our gardens and our species-rich area.

oh I so wish I could go, but May for those whose profession is nursery/garden design related is just impossible. Perhaps a September or October meeting in 2013?

Asheville markets itself as FoodTopia, There are a number of excellent restaurants downtown and in the near downtown environs.

The Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project does a stellar job of connecting residents to farms and sources of local foods. Check out their website at: They've got a great local foods guide.

One more interesting thing, The Organic Growers School wil be held March 3-4. About 1,000 attend. Good programs, very extensive and hands-on. Check it out at:

And there's so much more: Wild herb crafting and culture, etc.

Everyone will really enjoy it.

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