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Whenever I had a flu as a kid, my Irish daddy would give me a hot lemonade with whiskey to fight off the fever.

No sugar, however! This was serious medicine.

My favourite flu remedy - 2 shots of rum, juice of a lemon, large teaspoon of honey and a couple of paracetamol. I have no idea if it cures the flu but I sleep very well!

Can't wait for the book - and I can't even drink alcohol.

Love it. I'll admit I have given my older children a hot toddy (heavy on the honey and water) a few times when they were sick. Worked wonders!

Lairds is a great brand! Highly recommend it, especially since it is one of the oldest distillers in the USA.


I deserve a toddy for working on a Saturday with bronchitis. A toddy beats a diphenhydramine hangover any day of the week.

Can't wait for the book! The garden-y elixir I most recently swooned over discovering was this

My dad the doctor always made us Southern comfort hot toddies when we had bad colds. Seemed to fix us right up!

I've never been so happy to have a cold! Too bad it's 5:30 AM. Sniff.

My grandma would give me a homemade cough syrup: honey, lemon, whiskey. To this day I can't stand whiskey, but still like honey and lemon. Go figure.

A proper toddy is a wonderful thing, especially with some of the additions you suggest, thanks! My two suggestions:

1. Go easy with the hot water when you refill the glass after adding the liquor and flavors; too much and it just tastes watery.

2. You can use all sorts of different booze, but David Wondrich sez the one thing you don't want to make a hot toddy with is dry gin. It just doesn't work well hot, unless you really want to relive the nasty-tasting medicines of your childhood!

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