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I'm drawn to how-tos. But then essays work out fine too. What really draws me in is a clever HEADLINE and some great PHOTOS. I sure hope i win the Incredible Edibles book.

Truthfully? I fall right square in the middle. I've got enough garden know-how to appreciate the essays when I do, but there is always something that I'd like to, or need to know when it comes to certain how-to's. So either book is cool. Although if I had to choose I'd probably lean more toward the "how-to" book if it dealt with a specific subject, and now that I'm really interested in urban gardening (since I have one), that would be my choice.

i have been vegetable gardening for over 35 years and judging by the results i have been getting lately, i think the vegetable oriented book might just help me. i enjoy reading all of the posts here and i can say that at times some are inspiring. peppero

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