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Thank you both so much! I am sooo looking forward to the book. I'm always anxious to learn more about how to better care for my girls (and the roos, too!) The paddock system looks like a great idea. If they only have one run, they can tend to eat that bare, even if they are allowed out to free range almost every day, all day. I have tried to figure out a way to grow some greens in there in a raised bed maybe, so that they will have some salad when I go to town and they have to stay locked in. Speaking of the 'spa', I do enjoy spending time handling the birds. I have even managed to calm a rooster by putting him into a trance (for lack of a better word). I catch him in that unguarded moment, then begin to stroke him around the eyes, his waddles and comb. After a minute, I lay him down on the ground on his back and continue to stroke his eyes while holding his feet. He is pretty calm by this time, so now I can let go of him and he will lay there completely still for quite awhile before jumping up and walking away.

Lots of good advice in the book - and here. I am lucky to be able to keep my free ranging chickens far away from the veggie garden. Of course, the rose Shed Bed next to the henhouse takes a beating as they create their own spa.

I am afraid to let the chickens run. Love your garden.

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