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True, cacti sure are very persistent. I am keeping some in my garden and they have been there without me noticing them sometimes. When guests come to my garden, sometimes they would tell me, "oh, i didn't know you have a cactus in your garden." and that's the time i would remember them. They really just don't require that much maintenance and I'm glad my guests love them. It was a nice change for typical gardens.
I have found this website where you could find great gardening tips for those who would like to start taking care of a cactus or have their own garden.

I live in New England and I have many indoor potted cacti. I had no idea there were cold hardy cultivars! I want them and I want this book!

Scott, my husband is a Scott, too.

I never realized their was
that many kind of cactuses

You gotta admire a plant that does this in December. I bought the other cactus in bloom years ago and live in hope that it will bloom again someday.

Craig, there are for sure some plants you can grow outside.

Deirdre: We must be googlegangers.

Andre: There are around 2500.

Nancy: Beautiful, I think it is Echinopsis x 'LA'

As a professional gardener who kills every houseplant I've ever owned because of a stubborn refusal to water, I think this book may be a breakthrough for me.

Having just moved from Maryland to Florida, I'm looking forward to expanding my cacti/succulent collection. Love these plants! This book would be a fabulous addition to my library!

I think we all remember our first run-in with a cactus. I know I do. I've respected them ever since, but only recently had any interest in growing them. (I know, me of all people.) It's their exquisite geometry that seduced me, and even those with pads are gorgeous--especially purple Opuntia 'Santa Rita' which graces gardens all over your area (Tucson). And when it sends forth satiny yellow flowers, OMG.

Btw, I have a great shot of a chic-looking member of the garden-club set holding a soccer-ball-sized golden barrel cactus. She's wearing tough gloves and cradling it in newspaper in preparation for transplanting. When I show the photo at my presentations, I ask, "If she can do it, why not you?"

I went from 0 to 100 (cacti) in less than a year. I'm proud to say I'm addicted, and I'm working hard on getting others hooked as well. Now if I could only convince my wife to paint some part of our fence orange!

Davis, CA (zone 9b)
:: Bamboo and More ::

'They' say that women love succulents, and men love cacti. 'I' say, would you rather be poked, or succ(ed)? Nonetheless, I'd settle for a nice cactus, which I would promptly give to my DH.

I will be adding this book to my collection for sure! Great article on some of my favorite prickly friends! I am with you the weirder the better! I will be adding this link to my Facebook page Sweetstuff's Sassy Succulents and will add the book to my reading list! Awesome, can't wait to read! I should do a blog post on that idea too hmmmmm great idea!

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